Insurance options - needing the best deal

We just left Groupama which we found to be expensive and now we are looking for a reasonable priced alternative. If anyone has ideas do please share them

we have two months left on insurance we have just given them notice to quit

I'm with groupama, they were more expensive, I negotiated and they are now reasonable. I know I can get cheaper, but insurance is a waste of money 'till things go wrong. The fact that I can go in to an office and talk face to face rather than a call centre is worth a bit extra in my opinion. On the plus side they never complain about how often I change cars and vans. Think carefully before you take the cheapest.

And I do hope goes wrong whilst you are without insurance.

Thanks Ruth

I will check them out

I need, liability, car, house and mutuelle

I have been with Pacifica (Crédit Agricole) ever since I moved to France (house(s), cars, scooter etc etc) and haven't had even once reason to complain. On the contrary!

Sadly I'm too old for their 'mutuelle' and am now changing from AXA (super expensive) to Generali.