Insurance with or without

If for example you were not insured on your house and a natural catastrophe occurred and declared it was by the prefecture.What are the chances of being helped by the prefecture?

The mayor usually :-D

and Yes you are perfectly right the Mairie said NO. And they are not relatives of the Maire...damn it. Who have you got to sleep with round here to get things done. Hahahaha. Ho hum

About the same chance as a snowball in hell would be my guess . (being a mate or relative of the mayor might help though, or am I just being a cynic?) :-)

I think, according to that you have to be insured for 'catastrophe naturelle' to be paid. It is not the prefecture that pays you but your insurer after it has been declared 'catastrophe naturellle'

"Conditions d'indemnisation

Pour pouvoir être indemnisé en cas de catastrophe naturelle, il faut cumuler les 2 conditions :

  • avoir souscrit une garantie "catastrophes naturelles",

  • et qu'un arrêté d'état de catastrophe naturelle ait été publié."