Interactive Map of all Speed Cameras

An interactive map of all speed cameras etc can be found here >>>>

i was always under the impression it illegal to map out speed cameras in France especially on sat nav’s. or has the law changed?

I believe that if your Satnav has the function to detect speed cameras it should be turned off.

Perhaps it is an illegal government site?

I have a Garmin satnav and the ability to detect speed cameras is turned off.

However I have noticed that when approaching a fixed speed camera in France a message to the effect “You are approaching a hazard” is displayed, together with the speed limit.

I’m sure that there will be sites that don’t follow this rule but every fixed camera I pass regularly has a sign ahead of it saying “contrôles radar automatique” which tends to be a bit of a giveaway if you are even half awake.

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Just googled it. sat navs while they cannot warn of cameras are allowed to warn of danger zones. That explains the weird noise my garmin was making from the glove box yesterday…

so the website is legal but ill still Illegal to add those locations to your sat nav as speed cameras. the fines I see are rather large and criminal action can be taken.

Sat nav companies using a legal loop hole it seems to name fixed cameras as hazards.

been illigal since 2012 and while older sat navs may still have them on it is still illegal. Im sure at some stage the french government will change the rules. Then again the route I take all the time has 3 cameras on the route and i cannot remember the last time i saw them un vandalised. last time one was decorated as batman the other as spiderman the third i did not even know was there although ive seen the signs.

They are known as dangerous road sections on new sat navs, and it is perfectly legal in france

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