Interesting Finds

Anyone on the Forum come across an “interesting find”… here, there or wherever… ??? :relaxed:

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I found a dessicated dog in a roof

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Found a horse shoe in the garden, it’s on the wall, right way up, so the ‘luck’ don’t fall out :+1:

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Think there was a tradition/superstition, re animals left in walls etc when building places???

I used to live just down the road from Vindolanda, spent many a happy hour on digs around the site in my younger days!


Not exactly a find, but an unusual bequest from the widow of an old Buddhist friend, after her own death. This standing Buddha-figure is made of metal and seems to be gilded, as it has never tarnished. I believe it to be quite ancient, and authentic, as my friend was a Buddhologist and didn’t accumulate tat.

Where could I get it’s provenance authenticated and its value estimated?

Maybe directly at the auction ?

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Thanks for the tip. I tried a few jewellers in UK but did not really trust their opinions as to the gilding which, though primitive, seems to be real hammered gold.

Maybe worth sending a few pics and description to Southeby’s Pete, Mam did that with a Dutch oil on copper She had, good result :+1:

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