Interesting idea…

Substantial credence should be given to the words of Gordon Brown. Probably not the best PM that the UK has ever had, but certainly an excellent Chancellor of the Exchequer for a substantial length of time.

The answer to the energy price problem is to force down the price of energy coming from UK based sources. The ‘market forces’ argument is a pretty thin cover for opportunistic price rises which could equally be described as simple greed. If I am producing electricity from a windfarm in the UK, have my costs increased to such an extent that I must triple my price ? Of course not. What I should do is to increase my price by a reasonable amount to cover inflation, and ignore the fact that suppliers in other countries are selling their product for a much higher price.
Yes, there will be a need to import energy in various forms, and market forces will apply to the price of the imports, but home grown energy, be it from renewables or natural gas should be at a far lower price.

There is a morality element in all this which needs to be addressed. If two people enter the bakery, and each wishes to buy the last baguette, should the baker hold an auction and sell it to the highest bidder, or simply cut it in half and provide at least something to both customers at the normal price ?
No doubt the capitalist would favour the auction, whereas the socialist would prefer the sharing. The rhetorical question then becomes one of which method is less likely to ultimately result in the breakdown of society as it currently exists ?


No mention of reducing the taxes, of course.

Well put.