Interesting story behind Highclere Castel

Some of you watch UK TV …I am not ashamed to admit I do.
Have you enjoyed “Downton Abbey” like millions in uk and some abroad too?
The TV drama was filled at Highclere and there is a modern day Lord and Lady in

Barbara, immerse yourself!

Hmmm yes and an ex SF member works there now.
Great grand father was bitten by a deadly flea and died. I believe.

Hi Barbara,
this was,_5th_Earl_of_Carnarvon who was funding Howard Carter’s works in Egypt.
It’s thought that he shaved a mosquito bite and died of ilness shortly after. The beginning of the ‘curse of King Tut’.

He’s buried on the top of Beacon hill near me.

We really must be careful! Mosquitos carry all sorts of diseases.
Or was this death connected to the curse.

Close by Highclere is the wonderful Sandham Memorial Chapel. A long time admirer of Stanley Spencer I kick myself that I’ve never seen it in person despite driving past countless times on our way to catch the ferry. It always seemed to be passed too early or too late. In either case one needs good light to see it properly as I understand there is no artificial light in the chapel. As I hope never to have to return to the shambles that is the (presently) United Kingdom I doubt I will ever see it now.

Barbara - what is the particular interesting story you have in mind?

Delayed reply as I have not been online.
The mysteries surrounding the tomb of Tutankhamun were awoken
in 1922 and the great grandfather of the present Lord of Carnarvon died suddenly
as did several over explorers who were enticed to look where, perhaps history forbade.
There is much more to the story as you may know.
Interesting to me.