International taxation makes my elderly head spin

I just can’t work out how and where to declare the sale of shares in Germany. Tax and solidarity charges were deducted there after the generous personal allowance of 801 euros that the German state gives everyone was taken into account. I am assuming I will have to pay tax on the full amount before deductions.
Could anyone tell me which boxes to fill in? I would be grateful for any advice.

Hello Elizabeth and welcome to the Forum

Is this your 1st Declaration ?? … but, even if not… a quick visit to your local Tax Office will soon get things sorted… :relaxed:

Take all the bumpf and ask them what to put where… (most folk have got some query or another…)

good luck

Judging by the fact that my local tax office (25kms) is open on extra days, and by the long queues when I pass by on my weekly shopping trip, it’s not just British that have queries.
There are a variety of French clutching their dossiers, not just the ‘older generation’ but many younger men and women. So never be afraid to go along if you have a query or are totally confused, you aren’t the only one in the same situation.

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Hello Stella

Thanks for the welcome.

You’re right. I would do what you suggest but I’ve come ‘home’ to vote in the super-important European elections and won’t be able to sort things out in person.

Many thanks for your sympathetic response. I’ll make sure I don’t leave my return till the last minute in future. I’d completely forgotten about the sale of shares!

so… this is an on-line? in which case, if not sure where to put something… I am sure there is a box where yo can write additional info… and it might be worth setting out the details there…

The Tax Office can contact you for complete/further info if they need to… and you can discuss with them when you get back to France…just so both sides are singing from the same hymn sheet.

Likewise, with Paper Declaration… write out the details and attach to the forms…

Either way, it will hopefully be seen as much better than getting it wrong/overlooked…

best of luck


Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for your help.


Just a hint everyone doing a first time tax return- claim for anything and everything you can think of to reduce your tax payments - from shoe polish to teabags, drycleaning to entertaining. and so on.

Of course you won’t get everything you claim but you might be surprised at what you will be allowed. Always remember it is NOT YOUR role to decide if something is claimable or not, that is for the Tax people to decide. However once established as a legitimate claim it will stay as such almost forever.