Internet and phone connection issues

I recently had a BBox (Bouygues) installed (which is disappointingly slow to say the least, especially as I’d previously used a Huawei MiFi box, also with Bouygues, which was super-fast) and there is no dialling tone. The connection was bought in France and is an RJ11 to RJ11 that fits directly into the green slot at the back of the box so there should be no problem. When I pick up the phone there is a message in French which I don’t fully understand but it clearly refers to line issues. What am I doing wrong? Do I need some kind of additional adaptor. TIA.

Which subscription with Bouygues do you have?

and, have you tried their call back service?


Just to be clear, we have a 4G box from Bouygues, its a Huawei B528 device and it has no telephone connection although there is an RJ11 port on the back for future development but currently remains inactive.

Thank you for your reply. I have an Internet-Telephony Bbox at 29,99 a month, unlimited (I can’t recall the name of the subscription - it was possibly Bbox Fit). I’ve used a workaround online before and it has increased the otherwise slow connection but it’s not as fast as using my Huawei MiFi (which I’m using now). The box is pretty big compared to UK standards, an ugly white thing, and has a green port at the back for the landline. I think the connection issues might be external - the cable to the pole in the rue looks a bit weather beaten to say the least (fibre is coming, apparently, within the next six months). However, it’s the phone line I’m concerned about - the RJ11 is plugged into the green socket directly from my phone and there has never been a dialling tone, hence my question re. needing an adaptor but which one, I wonder?

I’m not familiar with the Bbox arrangement but I do remember the Orange Livebox arrangement. I presume you are using a DSL connection from the telephone point in your house.
This graphic clearly shows the connection going to the DSL port on the Live Box and in an older arrangement, would be via the T type ADSL filter which then had an RJ11 cable running to the Live Box and the DSL in port shown. The telephone port either connected directly to the phone via RJ11 if so equipped or by use of an RJ11 to T type connection if not.
If the line is defective, that needs fixing and perhaps that is an issue that needs reporting to Bouygues as they probably lease the line from Orange.

I also recall that many times the ADSL filter had to be replaced after a thunderstorm as it quite often got zapped which caused poor performance on the Live Box (which wasn’t that good anyway, most of the time). Orange also had to reset things at the exchange frequently to make the connection good (which is why, eventually, we gave up on wet lengths of string and went for the 4G option with Bouygues).

Hi again Graham and thank you. Yes - this is the set up I have. It looks like I’ll have to contact Bouygues via Selectra (I’ve been a bit reluctant to contact Selectra this time round in France as two years ago, without permission, they changed my son’s EDF account to another provider).

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You can get replacement ADSL filters from most supermarkets and that may be your first point of call (if you haven;t done so already) given that there have been quite a few storms across France in recent days…

Although the Bbox came with an ASDL filter there isn’t anywhere to fit one and it said that in a ‘new’ set up one wouldn’t be necessary, the RJ11 going directly into the Bbox. I’m wondering if there should be in intermediate adapteur for the telephone cable to go into … . The vender’s set up involved an RJ11 fitted into the DTI box on the wall (as does the Bbox) and an extension cable with a connection for the phone (green) and a couple of ethernet connectors. I think that the Internet problems relate to the external line but I’ve no idea about the phone.