Internet buying

Is there anyone else out there having trouble paying for goods bought online with a French bank card?

Three times now I have tried to buy things only to have my purchase refused on the security page. According to Moonpig (the latest one to refuse my payment) they are aware of people in France having problems with their cards.

if it's happened to you, and you've got it sorted, how did you do it, please?

Some global sites require a debit bank card (affiliated with visa or mastercard) and will not take the basic CB (equiv of Switch/Maestro)

Also, according to the manager of my local Utile, the authorisation process is different with basic CB's phoning for authorisation and jamming if the line is busy etc whilst Debit cards often get verified without contacting your bank

Could it be the type of card? I have often had problems with my basic CB but never the debit ones.

I had used me cards before with the same companies, with no problems at all.

I had to go into my Bank last week and while I was there I asked about the problems we're having with our cards.

He phoned the office and was told that there had been a problem with all cards but it should have been resolved by now.

I did use my card yesterday and it went through fine, so maybe it is now sorted.

I have had trouble today, with making a payment on it asks to verify the card with my bank which involves me either calling my bank or setting it up via text. As I have no credit on my french mobile I will have to call them. I'm a bit nervous of this as I don't want to misunderstand and set it up wrong! On second thoughts I think I'll go to the shop and buy my furniture there.

That's probably not much help but it may be that you need to set your card up with your bank for online use.

it DID happen to me when we first moved here in april - i use paypay now, linked to my french bank account... plus you get the added security of not giving your credit card details online

no problems - bought some stuff on cdiscount just the other day with my card ;-)