Internet in a camper van

I now have a proper campervan and am really enjoying the travelling - except no Internet to make sure kids are OK at home. I am really only interested in email at this point.

2 questions:

Lots of the Aires advertise Free WiFi but I havenever able to connect using my Android 6 phone. I could see the WiFi hotspot (if that’s the right term) but no way of connecting. What am I missing

As I am only here about 3 months per year, I ue Free for my mobile. Very cheap and no use it or lose it process effectively. If I wanted to have data via the phone (and hence Internet for email) , who’s the best especially given I only need (and only want to pay) for part of the year
Steve do no contract unlimited data for 20 euros a month too!

Does that mean I could just sign up month by month while travelling and if so do I need a dongle or other equipment

I believe so, you just order a SIM card and cancel it when you want. Is that correct @Tilly_Valesca_Forres?

I already have the SIM as I use Free as my mobile provider. My French is atrocious so please overwork any detail in responses. I went to teh 19.99 page but looked like it was only available as a package including a phone. I own my phone and also don’t want to lose my Free number, though do have a dual sim phone if that makes it easier eg 1 for calls, 1 for data???

Maybe @vero can advise on that please?