Internet in France

Hello - I am thinking of coming over to France for a couple of months - in Normandie. Have been told to get an internet dongle as there is no connection in the property - will I be able to get internet with a dongle does anyone happen to know? I work from home, so it is quite important for me ..

Thank you x - looking forward to meeting a few more people as well on here hopefully!

If you mean a 3/4G dongle, then you can get these in France. I would visit the French websites of Orange and SFR and do a postcode check on your property to see if you can get coverage. You can also visit the local mobile phone shops in the nearest big town and ask what services they provide.

You could also try a mifi solution which also uses a 3/4G SIM, but you can then connect all your WIFI equipment to it.

If your house is a holiday home and permanent, then you might also look at a WIMAX solution if you can't get or don't want an ADSL solution.

Dongle here, dongle there, it depends entirely on a wifi connection. As it is there are more dead zones than places where you can connect without a box than there are public connections. In short, unless you are within 200m of a MacDonalds you are probably out of luck.