Internet in Rouen

We are moving to a town outside of Rouen and I will need Internet service right away. How hard is this to do and since my French is horrible, how will I do this?

You have come to the right place! Welcome to SFN by the way. Don't forget to check out all the other groups, here:

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I'm a joiner! Thanks so much for the info. I'm sure I'll have plenty of other questions as we get closer to leaving!

Best of luck with the move. If you take out a year's contract, you can think about taking the TV option as well, and depending on the quality of your telephone line, you can stream live French TV which will help with improving your French. Another option for French language which I recommend are the CDs by Michel Thomas. You will probably find them cheap enough on eBay or Amazon.

Also, don't forget about the groups here which you can join, such as and

We are moving there full-time for 6 months, perhaps a year, so this will work well. Hopefully my French will improve!

You are welcome. Are you moving here full-time? If not, you also have an option for a "maison secondaire", in which you give 15 days notice for the phone line to be turned on, and the same before you leave. Only downside of this is you cannot turn off the broadband whilst you are out of the country and must continue to pay for this if you want it active on your return.

Wow- thank you so much! One less thing!

Hi Candice. Before we moved to France, I rang the English speaking helpline of France Telecom (now known as "Orange") and arranged to have the telephone and broadband turned on. You will find the phone number for Orange/France Telecom and lots of other useful numbers here: