Internet problem

(Mandy Davies) #1

I recently bought a Compaq laptop with Windows 8 and have spent the last few days trying to connect it to my Orange Livebox (a SAGEM Livebox 2) using WIFI. I have tried everything in the troubleshooting section and it just refuses to connect even though it recognises the Livebox and will connect using an ethernet cable. I have a Windows 7 computer and an Android tablet both happily connected and working well. Has anyone else had problems connecting a computer with Windows 8? Perhaps someone has had the same problem and has a solution? I would be very grateful for any help. Many thanks.

(steve cormack) #2

Mandy can you acesss the livebox configuration ? if so you should be able to activate pairing on the wifi and then you push the button on the front of the live box and then enter the code.

should work ......

also in the livebox page you can see what is connected to the wifi (admin is the password)


(Steve YATES 2) #3

Try turning the encryption off temporarily and see whether you can connect

(Mandy Davies) #4

Thanks very much for replying. The Livebox is only about a year old and is already set to WPA. We have tried everything in the troubleshooting section of Win8 and also the troubleshooting section of the HP website which tells you what to do once you have exhausted the Win8 troubleshooting. We have looked at forums and tried some of the things on those. All to no avail. After spending 4 full days trying to sort it out my husband has given up and we have resorted to the dreaded Ethernet cable. Hoping to have another go at it when the frustration has eased! Many thanks for your help, if you have any other ideas please let me know.

(Steve YATES 2) #5

How old is your Livebox ? The original ones used WEP encrytion for the WiFi and this isn't supported in Win8. You need to go into the Livebox setup and switch the encryption to WPA. Once it is changed you will have to reconfigure the other PC and your tablet

(Justin Burley) #6

Hi I have had multiple customers who have had laptops not connect to the orange livebox is can be caused but the livebox getting stuck and is need of resetting.

The livebox has a little red button at the back and if you reset the livebox you will need to add the fti and mot de pass again.

If this does not work then your livebox has had a static electricity spike causing the wifi to not alow any more connections. The fact the already connected devices work has nothing to do with it.

This would be what orange would do if they are asked.

cheers Justin

(Graham Lees) #7

"(admin is the password)"

For some time now, the first 8 characters of the clé de sécurité have been the admin password to the deadbox errr sorry Livebox - all in uppercase.

You can find the key on the back of the deadbox itself or on the back page of the guide d'installation.