Internet providers

Hi everyone,

I have just recently joined SFN and think it is a great site. This is my first posting and it’s all very new to me.

We have a place just outside Quillan/Aude and need to get internet set up. We spend about 15 weeks/year in France but need to run our business back in the UK whilst we are here. We attempted to get set up with Orange but found that they were so inefficient in the process that we cancelled the contract before even setting up.

Has anyone any advice for us before we take the plunge?

Many thanks Eva

Thanks so much for this. We’ll put it into the melting pot and do more reseach on it all. At present we don’t have a land line so need to think on that too.

Best wishes


Well we have just switched to using wibox from France Telecom, as it was extremely expensive and the capacity was poor. They offer a wimax solution that is basically widearea wifi. You will have an antenna on the house, and then a WIFI box in the house. It costs around 29-39 euro a month for a 2Gb/s link which is not bad. To be fair we did have some teething issues with connectivity, but those seem to be behind us now. You can also get a VOIP service through them if you need it.

If you use google chrome to browse the site, it will auto translate it into English for you.



Thanks for the speedy reply Terry. We’ll try the link.

You could try this link where you can test your line and find out which ISPs and which offers are available to you. I’m stuck with Orange simply because until very recently no-one else provided a service. I discovered recently that they have an English-language help line to which they insisted on connecting me despite my fluent French when some idiot unplugged my ADSL connection while installing someone else. I found them very efficient but I imagine it depends on your local office.