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I have always found Avaaz great lobbyists....This has a bearing on us and our Children!

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Posted: 17 April 2012
Right now, the US is poised to pass a new law that would permit US agents to spy on almost everything we do online. But we can stop them before the final vote.

Companies that we trust with our personal information, like Microsoft and Facebook, are key supporters of this bill that lets corporations share all user activity and content with US government agents without needing a warrant in the name of cyber-security -- nullifying privacy guarantees for almost everyone around the world, no matter where we live and surf online.

If enough of us speak out, we can stop companies that profit from our business from supporting cyber-spying. Sign the petition now!

Brian Milne for Golbal President! yay

and, tut-tut, I forgot to include I would love to put my boot in the collective scrota of the USA for the way they wish to tend us from cradle to grave

succinct as always Brian.

I have stuff like 'News on One Click' and 'Wikileaks' coming in constantly and the more I see about it the more I consider it is seriously worrying. For people like my wife and I who are essentially in the human rights world this is faeces spelled in capitals at the nicest. However if the rest of you think there's nothing to worry about, think again because the most benign, private lives will be invaded. I spam so many addresses as it is that I imagine the many I already refuse is beginners stuff. At present I guess I get 80 or so spams a day but recently over 650 on on one day! With prying corporations researching our every detail then trying to sell us something or other then watch that kind of invasiveness grow. In time we might even need to review whether online anything is any longer secure and perhaps need to go back to paper and snail-mail! It is not paranoia at all, it is the power of corporations supported by US government who will finally possess more or less life and death over us all.