Intoducing myself

Hi all,

Having been a member of this site now for a few weeks I thought it was time, as I seem to visit every day, to introduce myself properly. I live near Amboise, in the heart of chateau country and have dom=ne so now for seven months. Before moving here, into the house we have had for eight years,,y OH and I lived and worked in Milan for two years. Somewhat different to the country lane and troglodyte house we are in now! Before that we had our own french bistro in Hampshire, which though we loved it was, we decide, going to be the death of us, so sadly we sold it. Before that we bothe worked in education me teaching visually inmpaired children and adults my OH Mathematics. Children are all grown up and in England, along with my grandson. Thank goodness for Skype!

I fell in love with France forty years ago, when as a twelve year old I started spending my summers here with a french family. Blimey when I look back that was scary stuff! However, look where it has brought us back to the town I fell in love with all those years ago!

Now the promised full time job teaching IGCSE and A level at a local lycee has turned into a 20 hour 30 week job and times are a little harder than we had imagined. We are full of ideas on how to earn some more money and are working hard at getting them off the ground. In between we search the jobs pages for the UK send off application forms and then don't follow through, cos our hearts are here. So hopefully we will be using this form for years to come as our ideas come to fruition.