Introduce myself to y'all!

Hello, I'm Diké, 26 years old, from South Korea. I've lived in France for a week :) The seven days in France was really surviving. I'm in Paris :)

I'm not good at French yet, but it is getting better every single day. I can speak English, Korean and Japanese. so I want to make friends who speak English or Japanese. I'm trying to study French and Chinese too. I want to speak French fluently as soon as possible. Also, I'd like to teach Korean to everybody who want to learn.

I studied Law in Korea, and I'd like to study International Law at the graduate school. After graduation, I had worked for the Human Research Protect Program as an IRB administrator at the best university hospital in Korea. I quit the job in this year, and I came to France to experience the other world I'd never been before, and meet people I'd never met.

I like watching baseball match, the Simpsons, and taking pictures. I'd like to be friends with everyone! :) Nice to meet y'all!