Introducing myself

(Jeanie Lane) #1

Hi folks,
I’m Jeanie lane, living in the ‘sticks’ between our nearest city Fougeres and down town Gorron. We bought our lovely holiday home in 2003 and retired here in 2006. No regrets but the lingo is a huge barrier altho’ we try.
My husband Bill and I are currently secretary and la presidente of a monthly ex pats gathering, meet 3rd Tuesday of every month.
Lots of activities and info’ abound from Garden Action. ten pin bowling, french conversation, dance, drama, cinema, Easter egg hunt, newsletter, etc. etc plus socialising and making friends.
Anyone wanting to come to a gathering of ‘Tuesday Friends’ contact me and I can give directions.

(James Higginson) #2

Hi Jeanie

You can add this as an event on SFN if you like, just click on the EVENTS tab up the top.

Kind regards