Introvert or Extravert?

Just found this link and thought it was enlightening!

Ah I recognise the tech hubby in this one - I come out as I would expect as an Extravert but it does explain why we handle some of our situations so differently!

We would have a wonderful time just standing in our corner silently together. Oh what a relief that at least there is one more of us...

I thought it was great - apart from one thing (thinking before I speak) I came out as introvert. Again, I can speak in public, but you get me at a gathering afterwards and I want to fade into the wallpaper.

Can't stand small-talk (please, don't talk to me about handbags, I get suicidal) it gives me a headache but thoroughly enjoy indepth conversation.

I just thought it was a very insightful piece.

Oh, I'm that tired I can't type!

Good old HuffPost. I saw in a couple of days ago and skimmed past. But looking now I think some is right. I am an introvert but perhaps with some extrovert tendencies. I have taught plus done conference and public speaking for many years. Used to do it with no written paper, although I had written one but read and thus rehearsed what I had to say. I was told that was extrovert behaviour. Well, I walk away from it and then I am the quiet soul at the dinner that follows. I did it two weeks ago at my first conference for a couple of years that I was nervous about because I had not had an audience of that size for so long. I glanced at my paper occasionally, delivered then at coffee break immediately after finishing the conference keynote paper, had my coffee alone and exchanged a few words with a couple of good friends.

I am not a caffeine addict but used to be. Two litres of espresso roughly a day and tea on top. That goes against the grain too. When I got myself a dicky ticker I stopped that though, well only a mug of espresso once but tea whenever. Mind you that is and always has been green or white tea and not that stand the spoon in tar English stuff. But not in character with Little's big ideas.