Invicta Bradford log burner - need advice!

Oh me, nothing, apart from suggesting the top down method of lighting to warm the chimney quicker.
Also the draft cowl that improves the chimney draw in tricky situations. Maybe you missed them.


I’m liking this thread. Along with the logs and log piles. I’ve a monster spathatherm insert with metal flue vertically above. It’s insulated but gets pretty hot. Air supply comes from a drain pipe underneath that goes to the outside via the vide sanitaire. So lighting is a piece of cake with plenty of air and good wood.

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Problems sorted. My Invicta Bradford is now fully adjustable and smoke-free. As I always thought it was indeed a lack of model-specific knowledge on my part:

Unlike our other stove, which is flat-bottomed, the Invicta has an ash-pan and a grate above it (desire my understanding that it’s not make for multi-fuel use). It’s not obvious when your look at the unit. The pan actually slides forwards.

As the pan was full, it seems it obstructed the air flow inside the stove. Since emptying the pan all the problems I’d been having have magically disappeared.

It’s a shame that this rather impressive stove has such poor instructions.

Told you so!
I’m glad it’s sorted. I’ve yet to find a stove with proper instructions so share your frustration…

Just for the record😁


Looks nice. :slight_smile:

We have now totally stopped using the ‘traditional’ way of lighting fires and only use the top down method, it is unbelievably efficient, hubby is even playing pushing it and managed to get a fire going with not a scrap of paper just a few bits of kindling, a fire lighter (wood based not those awful white things) and 2 big logs! Not had one incidence of the big burner back smoking either and usually it was 2 times out of 3 at least!