Invitation to my art exhibition near bordeaux

You are cordially invited to the open evening of my art exhibition at le Galerie des 7 Arts in Castres Gironde on 27th September.![](upload://rL5VNnnspc6Fn82yaDqpG4fn5ss.jpg)

We are seriously thinking of launching a pop up restaurant for people who want to

celebrate something...

Thinking of ways to include art.

Your wife said that she was poping over one day when she visits

Jean Phillipe...I do not know him by the way.

Hi Barbara, we are delivering paintings on Thursday afternoon from our home near Pau. We like Gensac as we have friends in Massugas (Jean Phillipe is a snail framer).

Bright and happy looking pics.

I hope that it goes well for you.
How far are you from Gensac 33890

Something going through my mind...usaually is..