Irish Flight Help

the internet is too big, and I’m pretty sure someone on here knows better than google!
I need to get an “older” couple from Ireland - ideally Dublin - to Provence. We live near Avignon - Marseille would work, Toulon, Lyon at a push?
I don’t think they would be able / like to change on route - for example, they could fly to London and take the TGV to Avignon - but it’s stressful if you rarely travel.
They could fly to Heathrow (eeeek!) change, and fly to Marseille or Lyon or… Anyway. It’s looking like 800 euro’s or more for a direct flight with Aer Lingus to Lyon - which I think is pretty steep…
Anyone know different?
x teresa


AER Lingus fly from Dublin to Montpellier which is probably less than an hour and a half from Avignon.

Here’s a link to Montpellier airport website.

Skyscanner is quite good to show all airlines and possible routes.

I think aer lingus dublin-marseille flights are finished for the summer, maybe look at dublin-carcassonne with Ryanair?

How about Dublin-Cherbourg on Irish Ferries, then Cherbourg-Avignon on TGV?

does anyone have ideas on Bordeaux to Shannon Ireland?