Irish in France

Well, where are they?, and who are they?, and where do they live?

Hello…I’m one (sort of…am from NI)…living in Nantes. I believe there are quite a few Irish people living in/around the city here :slight_smile: funny enough some of the Irish people I know here don’t go to Irish pubs at all!

Hi again Paul - some one has just posted on the Fb page - I’m up to my ears in it as it is Saturday…any chance you can post on there - link to this thread and get her to join SFn - another irish lady had just joined this morning too so if you give me a description for the group (just a few words like the other groups have) - I will create it this afternoon. Thanks C x

Yes there is one, and yes they are there, am looking for others…

Hello, I realise I’m jumping in mid-post, I’m Irish & living in 87, joined the Irish in France some time ago when Sheila was a member of admin. Haven’t been on for quite some time, so a bit lost. Can’t find the Irish Page! help please & thank you.

We don’t have groups any more, you are in the right place as it stands though :slight_smile:

thank you for much for replying.

My partner is Irish…and we are in 33.
There are others around…

One or two who took to owning vineyards and
making a great new life for themselves.

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Hi Barbara, we are in 87230, I’m from Dublin & my husband is from Newark, Notts. been here 15 years this year & how it has flown by.

Jonathon comes from near Ennis Co, Clare and
we lived in London for a long, long time.
Been here in our region for almost 11 years,

We also worked in London, Roger for about 30 years, me almost 10. We lived & commuted from Beckenham.

Well I hope that you enjoy living in France.