Irrigation for a small garden

Can anyone give us some advice on watering a small very hot unshaded garden. Its above and behind our house in the Quercy region. South facing. We are only here about three or four months a year, and because of illness, have only managed 8 days in June this year. We arrived yesterday to find almost all the plants fried! So disappointing as we have planted lots of draught tolerant plants and obviously due to our not being here, they have not done well at all. We feel the only answer is reticulation, which we think we could organise as we have a garden tap. We don’t know where to go, what we would need etc. The garden is very small, level, but has a lot of raised rockery type beds. The back is against the bottom of the hill the the village chateau is on, so it also gets reflected heat from the rocks. Any advice or help would be most welcome.

Thankyou Jane. I will go looking this week.

You should find this in any good garden centre, or even the main supermarkets with a garden department.

This is what I have in mind. Family in Australia all have this type of system. I don’t know where to find such a thing in France.

How about an automatic watering system that comes on at programmed times at night