Is a bourse available for children attending school at Primaire

Someone mentioned to me today that it's possible that a bourse is available for low income families with children attending primaire. I know the CAF will be making the payment for the rentree in a couple of weeks but is there additional help with school fees, school dinners that can be applied for? And if so how?

Many thanks all, I asked the Mairie last year about assistance with school dinners because at 8 euros a day for two children it's expensive and was told we don't do that, the same with the school bus because they go to school out of commune. My son is diagnosed with special needs and now has a whole support network set up in his school that would be difficult to replicate in another school so maybe I could try that route. My Maire or his sec is not known for their helpfulness.

Nicky, we have one daughter with special needs and were advised by the head of the school to ask for reduced price meals, taxi to school and a couple of other things. We went to the mairie in our village and the town where the school is and applications were made but because we applied so late, about now in August at the time, we had missed the allocations so that was that. We have not bothered since, but try anyway.

Hi Nicky

I've only ever heard of bourses being paid at secondary level - but that doesn't mean to say there is no help available. I'm pretty sure though that like Carol says, you need to start with the Mairie. And if they don't know, which they often don't (!) get them to get an appointment with an assistante sociale who will know exactly what help is on offer and how to apply for it.