Is a UK State Pension ie OAP declared as '"Privé" or "Public"?

You must have been here an awfully long time Stella - we’ve been here nigh on 20 years and always fill in a 2042 AND 2047 - as required by the law. The 2047 is entitled REVENUS DE SOURCE ETRANGERE ET REVENUS ENCAISSES A L’ETRANGER - Perçu par un contribuable domicilié en France.

Looks like your ‘little lady’ ain’t got a clue, just like some of the tax officials we’ve come across over the years.

Perhaps a call to a tax accountant could sort things out for you - then you would know whether or not you’ve been getting your returns wrong all these years - or not - just saying!


tbh I think the fisc are far more pragmatic then they are given credit for.


No problem Dan… you may well have missed where I mentioned that my Tax Office phoned some years ago and (to my amazement) informed me I no longer needed to do the 2047 unless something changed re my Income Source.

The Tax Lady the other week… confirmed that situation… and I do have that in writing…

I am not saying this applies to anyone else… and my income certainly does not warrant a Tax Accountant (rather wish it did)…:upside_down_face:

I advise everyone to go to their Tax Office and do as instructed by those folk. Just saying… :wink:

Last two years my local tax office has said the OAP was private and charged me tax on it.

Hi Jan… (Unless your Worldwide Income is now over a certain level)…Frankly, it sounds as if the “Tax” you have been charged … is actually Social Charges… which is (or certainly was) incorrect. For those covered by UK with an S1… the exemption is part of the Treaty which avoids Double Taxation etc.

After my first Declaration, where the Tax Folk helped me complete the paperwork… I would write on subsequent Declarations… that UK OAP was exempt from French Social Charges… just to remind them… :upside_down_face:

I think you need to have another word with your Tax Folk… to clarify… perhaps asking at another Tax Office (if one can do that).

Perhaps someone on the forum can give you some ammunition… :thinking:

Are you covered by S1 ???

I’ve just checked and the UK State Pension (OAP) is paid gross, i.e. tax is not deducted. This is the first year I will be declaring it and it will go down as a “private” pension in the same way as my employers’ pensions.
It will be taxable here in France (or, to be more precise, ‘assessable’ as it will only be taxed if your total income exceeds the lower income limit).