Is any state aid available?

We have been here a little over a year. My husband teaches Cambridge GCSE and A level courses in a local internatinal private school. He had a CDI last year and it looks as thiugh he will have one for next year. However the hours are a few less and as the pay is not good to start with - diplomas not recognised etc. even though he is teaching Englsih system courses in English it still seems to apply! we will find it virtually impossible to survive. He will bring in enough to pay the bills but not enough for us to eat. So do any of you out there know whether there is any aid available and if so where we start applying. We are both settingup other business but the money will be very little and unreliable for the forthseeable future. Otherwise very sadly we may have to return to England, where job offers to him seem to come in daily - he is very good at what he does.

We have no children and a mortgage on our home. Thanks to all you kindly souls who may know answers

Best of luck. Print out both English and French versions of what you need. When I was told my UK degrees were not valid I used EQF and stormed back to the place where I had had the dispute, threw the papers on the desk and said from now on you call me Mr Docteur, not Mr because both of my doctorates are valid. Whenever the qualification issue comes up I tell people to check this way and several have let me know that they were in the right. So hope you find out that your OH is what he would be in any other EU country.

Thanks Brian am starting to study them now.

Check the qualifications, they may be recognised but somebody is not playing the game. EQF (European Qualifications Framework) is where to that online and if in doubt contact them. As for aid, after a year here not much chance, sad to say.