Is anyone? else having a problem listening to radio 4 tonight

(Jane Williamson) #1

I keep getting an annoying announcement that due to rights restrictionsthis part of the programme is unavailable.
Itnis on my lap top, radio and tablet.
I tried contacting BBC engineering services but got the same message.
Any ideas, it is extremely annoying, I want to keep up with the latest developments.

(Bill Morgan) #2

Quite often get that Jane, maybe some international internet ‘copyrights’ rule ? :unamused:

(Patrick Early) #3

The BBC reserves rights over some of its copyrighted material. Sucg stuff as “hot” sports commentary, top matches etc.
You won’t be able to follow 5 Live on certain events. Radio 4 is usually spared this annoyance, but during the World Cup, I guess they’re using clips from 5 Live or sharing their commentary. They say: you may be able to get this on some other platform . I’d be inerested to hear whether anyone has discovered anpother listening source. Perhaps World Service?

(Jane Williamson) #4

Surely not for the whole of News at Ten.

(Jane Williamson) #5

This was for the whole of News at Ten.

(Dominic Best) #6

Was there live sports being broadcast?

(Bill Morgan) #7

Odd Jane! :thinking:

(Jane Williamson) #8

I don’t know. I couldn’t hear the programme from start to finish.

(Dominic Best) #9

It’s the announcement that the BBC makes when it is broadcasting live sports that it is only allowed to provide for listeners in the U.K. If you try listening to Premiership football matches or Grands Prix motor racing, especially on Radio 5, it is the norm. As it was the evening of the World Cup Semi Finals it’s likely that there was a connection to that.

(Jane Williamson) #10

Yes, but it was on from the start of News at Ten and still there when I turned it on and off throughout the programme.
I am sure that the whole of News at Ten was not about the world cup.

(Dominic Best) #11

Radio Four is broadcast on AM and FM. Was the interference on both? It’s quite likely that the one you listened to was broadcasting sport and the other the News at 10. As a Radio 4 listener I’m sure that you are aware of that, especially during the cricket season.

(Jane Williamson) #12

I have an internet radio.

(Peter Goble) #13

I had the same problem at the same time, Jane. It only affected the ten o’clock news. Slightly puzzling, perhaps a technical error.

(Dominic Best) #14

What difference does that make? You can use it to pick up both Radio 4 AM and FM.