Is Anyone Getting Online Stores Sending Items Via “Secure Delivery”?

I just had a bag of tile grout I purchased from Manomano delivered via DPD and had to show a delivery code I was sent this morning before the delivery driver would hand my goods over.

I could understand this protocol for a new €500 TV or jewellery, but thought it a bit much for a €30 bag of grout…

How was the code sent? Text or email?

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We had this last week. The code came by email. La Poste delivered the parcel.

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But how cross would you be had it been delivered to someone else?

I’ve got the DPD app on my phone and the code arrives in the app and by sms.


Both. I used to receive shiny tech things to test before they were announced to the public and they sometimes weren’t shipped with this level of security…

Very. Unlikely though as we’re the 2nd property of 4 on our little chemin and we have house name, house number and our name on a very obvious post box.

That goes for nothing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: gave DPD a link to my location on Google maps, big sign at top of drive on the roadside with the house name on it and they still could not find me twice, they eventually asked the post women and she asked if they were blind or stupid as they were 40 yards away from the entrance to the drive.

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I had a delivery from M&S last week, received an email to confirm delivery date, but no code.

That would be nice! I miss those.

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DPD delivery yesterday (late compared to announced delivery time, but at least it arrived on the day). Got code by SMS, but wasn’t asked for it by delivery guy!

M&S France, but still posted from UK :woman_shrugging:

What were the delivery charges like, Lily? I tried to order some jeans from M&S France a while back but they weren’t delivering at all at that point…

@railang , the delivery is 7euros, 10 days, more if express or free if 50euros spent.
It does say no extra taxes to pay, yay!
Jeans are on offer at the moment :clap:


@Fran24 Oooh… thank you Lily! The ones I’m wearing aren’t decent… :scream:

Happy shopping :grin:
Now I just need to find somewhere to buy English teabags without having to take out a loan :wink::grimacing: