Is anyone just getting fed up with the internet now?

I always said I couldn’t do without the internet but how tiresome it is now – it’s an Olympic event now to manoeuvre through and around the adverts which invade the screen – they are at the top of screen, down each side, at the bottom, in the middle of articles you are reading and on some sites they obliterate part of the content of screen you want to read – some of them you can only get shot of if you wait about 10 seconds and then a cross pops up above the arrow and others you try ‘every which way but loose’ to get rid of them but in the end just close the page because you just can’t read it and look for another supplier.

When you are reading an article, it’s a challenge not to click on the wrong arrow which leads you to something you don’t have any reason to buy when all you want to do is to go to the next page of the bit you were reading.

The ‘Do I or will I accept the cookies’ popups – frankly I couldn’t give a fig – please don’t keep asking me, all my actions here are going to be recorded anyway.

Why am I still receiving splishing spam from all sorts of financial institutions asking me update my account information when my server knows they are dangerous attempts to defraud me….and why am I still receiving Viagra-Gold emails when I have made every attempt to create rules around every part of the adverts so they are deleted before I can see them !

And what about all those newsletters I’m bombarded with when I’ve bought something from a firm and have to keep unsubscribing from, even though I deliberately never checked the boxes which asked if I wanted to receive their newsletters or could they pass my information on to another.

Why do people from around the world want to be my friend on Skype… and where did all these ‘friends’ come from on Facebook – such ugly stupid looking people who I would never in a million years make friends with.

Why is it that when I want to pay a bill online, the site is down for maintenance or the only time I loose DSL is when I’ve just clicked on pay now and don’t know if it’s been received or not – who wants to pay twice and wait months for a reimbursement !

I have written this in Word first since just lately it seems that every time I write something on SFN, it is deleted before I’ve finished when the page is automatically updated and I have to start again – a bit like a time out “ too late, you’re taking too much time so be quicker next time”.

Well I could go on but I think I’ve already made my points and I suppose I will persevere until the internet fries my brain completely and the men in white coats have to take me away.

Wonder if anyone knows how to stop Apple Safari ads on iPad!

Like Brian though I can’t live without my access to the Internet, I’ll have to be laid to rest to stop me. With 3pc’s,and “Cloud” could be a quick way to Heaven :- but at least I knew my dell needed a new battery,which I bought from Amazon, notebook still sitting here, had XP on it, OS stopped working on that also along with the other demised ones that stopped working properly after I moved here!

I’m still convinced my setup and hacking was done by person who set it all up here, especially ax he’d had all my wifi and livebox equipment with overnight,after saying he could take from house in morning to another only 16kms away and do it all in one day.

It took me 2 months to twig after him constantly coming back here and earning quite a lot out of me! So even not all expats can be trusted either if you are vulnerable!all the stress didn’t help either after previous few months and 2 moves. Never mind carry on. be damned or delighted!

Adblock works on Chrome too! I find Chrome a bit faster than Firefox.

If you have firefox browser you can download an addon called Adblock plus, its easy to do and will automatically clear your screen of any adds. Its brilliant, would not be without it.

I was using something called JANET (Joint Academic Network) so long ago in the 1980s it seems remote, then there was Janet IP Service (JIPS) and Super JANET. Then there was EUnet (European UNIX Network - then renamed European Network for Education and Training) as communications with some other European countries went on line. The desktop arrived and quickly went away from the green or black screen to something on the way to what we have now, then they were connect to a network, that became wider and wider with Tim Berners-Lee opening up the WWW that he had developed at CERN in 1991 to the world and there we were. It was only 1992 when we went on line on the Web and a few years before it became to give much of a service but I plodded along with it. Now it is there, I work with it. I have two screens with different windows in front of me - what I am doing (work) and communications in the form of my email, this and a couple of sites I used for work.

It opened up the world for me. When they screw down the lid on me I guess I'll give up using it.