Is Football Really Worth it?

I am horrified by the amount of money just paid by both Sky and BT to televise UK football matches.

I would go further and day that I find it obscene and cannot understand how any sane person would choose to carry on viewing.

To give professional football the name of a sport seems totally fatuous.

What do you all think out there?

...or the Derby when they come round Tattenham Corner into the straight.

Derbyshire born Derbyshire bred strong in thi arm and soft in thi 'ead. As a former Notts County supporter you have my profound sympathy. Just Joking!

Yes that would be alright were it to happen but you know as well as I do that most of the money will disappear into the coffers of the American,Russian and Malaysian/Chinese Oligarch's Swiss/Cayman Island/ State of Delaware bank accounts. If not there then into the Football Association's vanity projects such as St George's Park in Burton upon Trent. From what I hear from that peculiar form of accountant "the football analyst" of firms like PWC/Grant Thornton/ Deloitte et al or whatever the top accountancy partnerships are calling themselves the majority of football clubs in the Premier Division are just,just skirting the accusation of trading while insovent. What better way could the shareholders of SKY and BT invest their capital.I rarely admire anything from the USA but the NFL seems to have it right when they have to accept a draft of the best of the inter college leagues willy nilly. The players make their money via endorsements and the teams and their owners via their success in the NFL. Compare that to the likes of Covetry City with the local politicians conned into building a Premiership Stadium on the basis of local loyalty and limited success off the Footbal Club and little or no financial support from the football organisations; Result Coventry FC plays in Northampton or Milton Keynes or wherever and the Ricoh Stadium is now the home of London Wasps a Premiership Rugby team with equaly dodgy finances.

The French don't seem to have these problems to the same extent. FC Girondins are quite happy to play on the same pitch as Bordeaux Begles for big matches at Stade Chalmas though Bordeaux Begles would prefer their own stade and when the new Grande Stade de Bordeaux opens they will share the pitch. The problem mitigated because it's the teams that matter not the ownership of Highfield Road, Anfield, Villa Park or Welford Road. In fact Aston Villa might be much better advised to flog of Villa Park (close to the city centre) and move to a new stadium at Castle Bromwich. Perhaps the ridiculous TV rights might allow them to do so.

Whatever it's still a rubbish game which kids ought to be counselled agaist joining,


There is nothing to beat the roar that greets the horses as they come up the hill to the winning post at Cheltenham.

I love football especially at the moment as I'm a Derby County supporter. Far more life & excitement in the Football League than the Premiership-those overpaid tarts bore me.

However, when the whole crowd get behind their team-singing & chanting, that is an amazing experience almost spiritual.

Been there when Derby beat West Brom at Wembley, the players said they felt lifted by the Derby fans' support. For me & my family it was one of those great moments that even those not into football will always remember.

Having said that I totally agree with OP's comment that the Sky/BT deal is obscene-that money could be far better spent. I think Sky is a total waste of money.

All the best,


This isn't really my subject but the two have to buy content for their systems if not all of it goes to football that gives more to the companies selling the programmes to pass back as you say filter down to other things.

What would Hollande do, squander it as usual with a percentage going back to the unions to pay for more strikes, France doesn't know what to do with itself, we only like the place because it's got more scenery and less people and bigger houses for the budget available.

John, since when did sky and BT make any decent TV programs to suit our tastes all i can say is that all that money they are spending will trickle down to grass roots football, weather it be Dorchester Town or Manchester United.

Think what president Hollande would do with all that extra tax revenue that this kind of money creates.

When I saw £61 a match for where I went for 5/- at Chelsea I nearly burst a blood vessel. Tommy Docherty got £100 a week, £5k a year, at the end of his time. That was a vast salary but allowing for inflation and whatever else they would not be on the contracts they are now. When Tommy Baldwin was transferred to Chelsea as a top flight player it cost them £400. I admit the players' abilities outstrip their predecessors but it is no longer the game of the ordinary, working class people because it has totally out priced their ability to go all home matches and at least try to go to all aways. Add on fares and it becomes totally untenable. I don't even watch games on TV now, it is not what I once supported.

As David says, rugby is going that way too. A once really amateur game, now a construct of who can buy the best team.

It would provide much needed funds to make real TV programs and not the current climate of celebrity cake baking on ice whilst foxtrotting off an icey ski run, just teasing but game shows etc cheap to make with more of the football budget it could be used on better productions we would have more to watch besides repeats.

It would be good to see it being spent on lower seat ticket prices and strips in the club shops, but then I could just be wishing for the moon.

So what you are all saying is then let all the big broadcasters keep all that money locked up in investments or let it all loose and release it into the economy of the UK.

Most things connected with professional Association Football are obscene. The so-called Premier Division preen themselves over running what they say is the finest football competition in the World. They can't see that what is on offer is really pretty dull fare.Sad to say Rugby football is going the same way.

Professional football is now being paid so much money for these games that it is a con on the supporters and is setting an extremely bad example to young people in regard to what is really valuable.

Bunch of overpaid tarts! should have the salary docked by 50% every time they take a dive and roll around almost dying until the magic sponge makes it all better and they take the free kick, penalty whatever yawn.

Thankfully I seldom watch but I am as I said glad it exists to keep the hordes away from other events I do want to go to

You pay your money and take your choice. Nobody is forced to watch paid sports channels. What else would you call professional football other than a sport?

Jane it is essential to keep these tribal tournament going so that the rest of us can avoid these people at other social events elsewhere.

The radio news broadcast this morning said, well not exactly like this but.......

The really expensive bloke with the foreign name actually kicked the ball in the net last night for the first time since being hired.

That's newsworthy is it? that's what he is supposed to do, why not announce the waiter delivered the dinner to table fourteen without spilling the gravy!

You just have to turn away and let the whole circus happen without ever noticing it, like Top Gear.