Is he just sulking?

Bit worried about my half-Siamese Zorro this morning.

He stays in overnight for his own, and local wildlife, protection. Normally, he’s awake before me and raring to get outside… and stays out all day, only popping back for the odd nibble from his bowl.

Last night I finally managed to get a collar + bell on him (all elasticated with quick release snap-opener). He was a bit perturbed at the bell noise to begin with but soon settled down and went to sleep. I doubt he got up in the night because his food and litter tray weren’t touched.

This morning he didn’t want to get up at all. He finally emerged about 10 minutes ago, just before 12 noon, when he heard me outside talking to a neighbour. He’s now taking it easy again, in his cardboard box on the garden table.

I’m probably worrying unnecessarily… he’s only two, and only been with me for one of his two years so I’m not completely au fait with all his little foibles. But do cats sulk? Could the bell be upsetting him more than I realise?

All clues welcome!

That’s so lovely to watch. I’m hoping the day will come when Zorro and neighbour’s half-Beauceron will be like that. There’s an armed truce in place with their Jack Russell already but the Beauceron is just a shade too big and black for the moment… :slight_smile:

He’s a bit confused about dogs, I think. He was partly brought-up with a Fox terrier. Neighbour on other side has 6 of them, all hunting dogs and very securely fenced in, and it took him a while to work out that they would rather eat him than play with him. So now Zorro just amuses himself by strutting past, driving them to a barking frenzy and then waiting for mum to come and ‘rescue’ him. Can you see my ‘rolling eyes’ here??!!

Too busy scratching the furniture to spray it!

Laxatone has been a battlefield. It’s been in his mouth, round his mouth, on his paws, on me… I think some might actually have got inside him. I was getting very worried about the dire looks I was getting though - it’s taken a year to get Zorro’s confidence and I didn’t want a laxative to ruin all that - so I phoned the vet this morning. Described how Zorro is now back to his usual runny, skippy, jumpy form so I could I please stop the treatment. I can, but I shall be visiting vet tomorrow to get Hill’s hairball formula croquettes to add to all the other anti-hairball devices. Off to Zooplus now to check out their grooming mitts >>>

Yes, the smirk is one of the first things. Next thing he’ll spray the furniture even if he’s been “done”. Hope he actually took it in (the Laxatone that is). Big shouts to him!

Tigsley sounds wonderful!

Funny, I was doing the whole ‘ooh, Zorro, you’re a Snowshoe…’ thing and I could have sworn he smirked knowingly just before strutting proudly out of the door. :slight_smile:

And my finger is safe at the moment but concern for it is the reason the Laxatone got smeared on his paw this morning instead!

Don’t keep telling him he’s posh. He’ll behave accordingly and expect meals on silver platters. My 2nd cousin John who used to breed British Blues told Tigger Bancroft he was part British Blue. After that Tigsley never let us forget it. Tomato sauce if they’ll eat stuff with it is good because, like egg yolk, it helps to break stuff down.
In the meantime with the towel thing - just make sure it’s your finger that is severed. That’s another thing with Siamese - they are well strong (as Armstrong and Miller might say)

Thanks Alison, Julie

Bad day at the office and your posts were just what I needed to raise a smile!

Zorro has only once sicked up a hairball indoors… but that’s probably because he’s a very posh cat! :)) Egg yolk sounds good… if he’ll try it. And sardines now on shopping list. I pass the vet on the way to LeClerc so I’ll ask about Savorial. Anything to make life easier. I’m also going to get a really good grooming mitt. I brush him fairly often (ie when he lets me!) but it never seems to get much hair out. Probably already inside him!

In the meantime, on with the Laxatone… but I’ll try to get neighbour to assist. She helps with the whole towel thing when spot-on products have to be applied. Impossible otherwise. :confused:

Lovely! Thanks Julie. And allways the rugs which are dryclean only. It’s that soggy feeling of something between the toes that gets me. I love Siamese and part Siamese and have met a few in my life. Never met one who sicked but did once know one who would widdle straight down the plughole in the bath when caught short - while complaining to me about being locked in all day (her fault - wasn’t even my cat!)

Just been reading this. What a worry! Pilchards apparently work sometimes (in tomato sauce) - that’s if he likes them. As a part Siamese you have to bear in mind that he is actually (I know this sounds odd) more like a dog than a cat. Or, if you like, a dat (or a cog). Another problem with Siamese is that they have better manners than your average cat - hence they don’t just sick up their furballs everywhere (usually exactly where you are going to walk 1/2 asleep 1st thing in the morning).
If you still need to give him the Laxatone do you have anyone to help with it? Sometimes it does take two - wrap cat in towel, one hold him, other apply “gentle” pressure to the back of the jaw to open adamantly shut mouth. Insert medicine, clamp jaws shut, stroke throat until you really hear the definite gulp. Do not be fooled by “pretend” gulp, all cats are intelligent but Siamese particularly so. DO explain that you are doing it for his own good. DO explain the terrible things that may happen if he doesn’t take his medicine. He will thank you eventually. Possibly in about 10 years.

Hi Julie, and thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Zorro’s much, much better… pretty much back to his usual self. :slight_smile: Which is why trying to give him the Laxatone (5 days, morning and evening) is now a problem! He won’t eat it mixed into food. Trying to insert it via finger in his mouth is not recommended now he’s back on biting form. And smearing it on a paw (like this morning) might have worked but he dashed outside so fast that I’m not sure if he’s licked it off or it’s been washed off in the wet grass. Ho hum…

PS. Spoke to a Snowshoe breeder in UK who had exported a queen (which bore remarkable resemblance to Zorro) to France. Lovely woman, fascinating chat but she’s lost touch with the people in France (and can’t remember where they live) so I’m no closer to finding out if the queen was Zorro’s mum or not. I sent her a photo and she think’s he is definitely a Snowshoe. I’ve told him he’s a posh cat but he knew that anyway! :))

Thanks Julie and Regina

Just let him out of his cage, and helped him to stagger to his litter tray for an enormous wee. I guess that must be the wash making an exit? The paraffin oil gel (Laxatone) is mixed with a little bit of fish and I’m praying he’ll eat it. So far he’s put his head in the bowl but then looked as if he’d fallen asleep again. Poor little mite.

Yes, first time visit to this vet (the one I called on Saturday evening, who also comes highly recommended by friends with zillions of cats) and I’m very impressed. It’s also a much easier journey than to previous vet - half the distance and much straighter roads - so far more comfortable for Zorro. Just hope I don’t have to visit too often!

Right… he’s staggering around again so I’m off to survey. I’m like a mum with a toddler at the moment!

Poor Zorro!

Best wishes from me as well.


Well, he wasn’t sulking at all.

He was off-colour again this morning so off to the vet we went. Zorro is not good at the vet. Zorro is very, very bad at the vet. Vet tried with leather gauntlets on and then decided that the only way he could do a full examination was once he was anaesthetised.

The good news is that he was able to re-do his annual innoculations, give him a blood-test (no viral infection, thank goodness), and an x-ray whilst he was under, and administer the anti-flea/tick and worms pipettes that usually take two people to do. The bad news is that x-ray showed a bad blockage in his stomach, probably caused by hair. He’s had a paraffin wash up one end and I have to get some more into him orally this evening.

He’s still in his travel cage (too wobbly to let out yet) and looking very sorry for himself. :frowning:

Thanks Julie. :slight_smile:

All I know is that he was given as a kitten to an old lady, about 4kms away. When he was very little, the woman who used to go in daily took Zorro home on weekday evenings and he grew up playing with her fox terrier. Maybe that’s why he plays rough and likes to ambush me? I haven’t walked around with bare legs since he arrived!! I gather the family used to care for the old lady at weekends and Zorro was booted outdoors. :frowning: He visited me twice - a 4km trek across farmland - and I managed to find out where he lived. A few months later, the old lady died and her daughters, having been informed by the carer that he visited me, came to ask if I would adopt him. (After the loss of my beloved Murphy, aged 17, I had always sworn I would never have another cat unless the cat chose me… so I think the Murf had a hand in this!) The alternative was that the nephew, who had given the kitten in the first place, would take him to live in an apartment in Brussels. No place for a cat used to the countryside.

So yes, I give him a lot of ‘benefit of the doubt’ and he’s definitely improved enormously over the last year. Perhaps, like Cachou, he needs another year to grow out of his ‘teenage’ behaviour?! :slight_smile:

Goodness… a Snowshoe!

I had no idea. He came to me at about 1 year old when his previous owner died and I have very little info on his previous history.

Just googled and, though he looks very much like a Snowshoe, he doesn’t fit a lot of the breed characteristics. Docile, gentle and affectionate? Not in the least! He bites quite a lot, has serious temper tantrums - lashing tail, ears back, the works - when he doesn’t get his own way (like being allowed out after dark), and only suffers stroking when he’s in a good mood.
On the other hand, he loves running water and taking me for walks!

OMG - he is absolutely beautiful!

Here’s a pic of the little 75% Siamese taken a couple of months ago:

Thanks Julie and Regina.

Zorro is only half-Siamese but it seems to be a 75% half! I’ve only ever had tabby moggies before so Siamese are a bit of a mystery to me. Definitely different to other cats! I shall probably be picking your brains a lot in the future! :))

So happy for you and Zorro, too! :wink:

Rather too worried than regrets later… Maybe he was under the heat, maybe it was something else, but pleased he is his old himself again.

Have a good and carefree Sunday!

Hi Regina

Yes, Zorro came back. I waited till it got much cooler, got all togged up to go walkies round the fields, went outside… and there he was, on the garden table again!

He still seemed very lethargic though and his nose looks a bit mucus-y so I phoned round trying to find a vet that was still open or available. Finally found a lovely guy who, after quizzing me, said to bring him into the cool, sponge him down, try and get him to drink, and phone him this morning if there was no improvement.

Zorro slept most of the evening but then wanted a little food so I gave him something very sloppy and runny to get some liquid into him.

This morning, he’s like a different cat! About 99% back to normal. :slight_smile: He’s looking much more alert and twinkly eyed, pricking his ears when I talk, had his breakfast, been outdoors for a while, and is now sprawled out on the tiles by my feet. :))

Whatever it was he seems to have recovered. Animals… such a worry, aren’t they!!