Is it a it a it a photograph?

have you twigged?

I like the odors of the paint and the feeling of pastel dust on my fingers. I find working at my computer rather sterile. But, I am willing to give it a go if I can get results as wonderful as yours, suzy! My last copy of Photoshop was 4. It was a student trial version that you purchase at a discount but can't use after a specified time. You have to pay the rest of the cost of the software after trial expires. I had other expenses so I didn't purchase it.

I did download the free trial of Corel Painter a few days ago. Planning on trying it tomorrow...after I get all the pastel dust off my hands. lol I have a Vistatablet which hasn't seen much use lately. I think it will enjoy being out of its box.

Great - you'll have to give us a demo on how you did it but I like the feel of brush on paper or canvas. I'm tempted to get an iPad after seeing what Mr.Hockney can do with it.

I have Photoshop Elements (which you can still actually buy) as I had used PS since version 4 but when my last G4 Mac bit the dust - after 12 years - my new Mac Mini came with an Intel processor so PS plus Illustrator went - the online versions are way beyond my means.

Thanks Debra.You can no longer buy photoshop,you have to rent it each month,much to everyones annoyance. I was thinking of checking out Corel Painter,better for painters I think.They have a free trial too. You have of course to buy a Wacom tablet,you probably have one.

Okay...I've just picked my jaw up from the floor. That is amazing, suzy! Now I think I should save my money to purchase Photoshop! I can get a 30 day free trial of it. I will download it and muddle around with it. Not that I think that I can emulate your outstanding work. I am soooo impressed. :)

A photoshop drawing,not a photo.I love painting with photoshop,no need to clean brushes!!!Heres one I did recently.![](upload://zSFdbavDZmyRBYRjwrIF8bkej1b.jpg)

I haven't worked much with Photoshop since I was in art school. The software costs more than I wish to spend right now. So, I may be a bit slow on recognizing some Photoshopped photos. Also, my ex-husband shot photos that were similar to Neil's without using Photoshop...just some darkroom manipulation. At any rate, it is still a marvelous piece. Contemporary and well-designed.

Nice portrait of Ol' Blue Eyes, Donna. No matter when you take up painting...or any other art deserve a Bravo! for your effort to learn and grow. Obviously, you got the likeness down quite well since I had no trouble identifying your subject. Welcome to the group!

The above is referring to Neils creation.

Or maybe just a nice photoshop drawing!

Sorry having trouble uploading a pic. Hopefully it’s worked this time!

Hello Debra

I would not call myself an artist but have love drawing painting since I was a child. I did not go on to study art but found a career in nursing instead! Now that I’ve moved to france I have the time to ’ try ’ and paint. I attend a weekly painting group and have learnt a few technique but like most things in life art is a continuing exploration.
Here is a portrait
Guess who?

This is a wonderful, minimalist photograph. I like the abstraction you captured. The fact that the water is so calm creates a ground that emphasizes the twigs and their reflections. The twigs themselves echo fine, calligraphic strokes. I think this a grand photograph with which to begin this group's creation! Thank you, Neil.