Is it all roses in France?

This seem to be one of those thankfully rare situations where someone creates a thread but then wants to specify what people can and can’t say within it. All we need is that (no doubt lovely) chap to pop up and say “That’s all well and good, but what exactly does this have to do with Surviving in France?” and we may manage a full line on the ‘SF Cliches’ bingo…


How dare you “fix” the topic title?

Not at all. It was created to find out what people think about what is happening in France. Just a simple point of view of ordinary folk without politics left or right

I do not want at all to deterlmine what people can or not say. Just wanted a bit of us normal folk being allowed a say without politics being rammed at us in the interests of a more open forum

French Politics is actually rather fascinating… to me who was not brought up with it…

Neighbours like to discuss the latest “whatever”, which is why I read French News thoroughly… and discussions can (and do) get quite lively, without falling-out.

It seems that we can see the same picture, hear the same speech… yet for each of us, our “take” or “understanding” is completely different, simply 'cos of how “it” all works…
be it behind the scenes, out in front or up on the moon… :rofl:





Oh come on

Dead right. Everyone making their own take is is spot on. Would love to find out if the french whilst complaining to us all would actially be so quick to degrade their country so openly

Without left or right being mentioned any debate is essentially meaningless…


From time to time, French neighbours and friends do try to draw me into conversation about UK “headlines” and goings-on… they seem amazed, concerned…
but I steadfastly refuse to comment… and shrug my shoulders (in a very gallic manner…) and wave my hands about… which seems to satisfy them. :wink:


This is not a debate. This is just simple thoughts. Are you brewing for some kind of stirring things and an argument for the sake of it?

We do the same. But its nice to talk face to face

which is why I do talk about French Politics… :wink:

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I’m perplexed by how one can discuss politics, not least in France without reference to parties and policies whose proponents use these terms to define their positions.

Nevertheless I’ll try, for instance this week, though not for the first time, I’ve been intrigued by NUPES (didn’t use that ‘l’ word )internal bickering over visas for non-EU workers in areas experiencing strategic shortages. Some coalition members, such as the Greens are in favour, whilst others are aligned with the LR and RN (yes, and like many Brits I do find these acronyms confusing).

Far more complex, and subtler than in the UK with its usual seemingly simple (simplistic) binary divisions.

But, unlike the UK far more things seem to get resolved - eg high speed trains!!!

Oh dear, I’ve drifted back onto UK politics…


Do you live in France?

I’m sorry I misunderstood. From your earlier comment:

I thought you wished to stimulate debate.


Yes, tax resident for the past six years.


It is really interesting though that despite this topic getting views and posts within the last minute it does not come up on list of most recent?!?!?

I hope you’re not suggesting an SF conspiracy theory! :slight_smile: (don’t normally use emojis, but think this one is necessary)


It’s a conspiracy. I blame Jeremy Corbyn. Or bloody woke liberals.


Don’t exclude those in Australia, who right now may well be still asleep!