Is it just me, or are French pharmacy prices enough to make your eyes water?

I have trawled the internet for a cream I use, as it is out of stock in our local pharmacy - to my horror, I can buy it, delivered to my door for HALF of the price of the local pharmacy.

I have learned my lesson, and will look in future to see if I can get things delivered for less - I do think it's a terrible shame to have to do this, but in the case of this cream, I will be saving 7 euros.

I also use MAALOX indigestion tablets and if I go and ask fo XAALOM (YES, that;s Maalox backwards!) they are under half price! I picked this little gem up from a magazine in the doctors - the article says that pharmacists keep the generic stuff "in the back of the shop" so it is not on display - I was a bit sceptical when I read it, but I am beginning to wonder if my 14 euro cream, a branded name may have had a cheaper cousin in the back?

Anyone else had this experience?

I have given up Omeprazole or Lanzoprazole (used to swap every 18 to 24 months) and now have homoeopathic pills that do the same thing. Like Carol, changing diet at present, aim to lose mass as well as weight. Since the dicky ticker it makes sense.

Graham what cars have you got ,MG myself with the odd Riley, Rover, Austin 7 Jag thrown in over the years ,missed out on a Jag SS many many years ago but restoration even then would have bankrupt me 99 out of 100 wont have a problem on the terminals but for the one its a bugger to diagnose

The world and his brother take it Jane.....about a dozen years ago I decided to get healthy and become a vegan for 18 dairy, booze, tea, coffee, fats, wheat, or processed food. I have had heart burn and acid reflux for 45 went...didnt have any discomfort for the whole 18 months. Aching joints got better...I was fitter, slept better, didnt have any infections or get ill for the period. I also lost well over 2 stone and became a very sylph like size 10....should never have come off of it. Have just started it again... am aiming for the same result!

I too take Omeprazole. It helps against the side effects for the drugs for osteoporosis.

years ago...when all the anti wrinkle creams were tested for safety and effectiveness by a Swiss company, they came out and said that Vaseline was the best product to reduce wrinkles and beat all the creams hands down. I think they have improved in the last 20 years....but even so...I have read lots of tips about using a good and expensive face cream, then slicking Vaseline over the top...keeps the moisture product on your skin...

I 'live' in the there for 8 months a So my tabs were all dispensed in the I am off HRT and decided to take myself off Omeprazole and aim to treat with diet...I am a drug free zone! it was Nick who lives registered here...etc...but now he is 65 problem solved.

Carol, some of our items can be dispensed in three month amounts, but others only have 28 in the box, or for my Alendronic acid for osteoporosis, four tablets.
It does mean that we have to go to the pharmacy each month. If we are going to be in UK when we are due to have a new supply, we can have two month’ s supply.
We only see the doctor for our regular prescriptions once in six months.
As we are retired our costs are picked up by UK and our Mutuelle.
If you are working in UK buying a pre-payment card if you need several prescriptions is a good deal.

It is marketed under the name of Vaseline, but it is a special body lotion.

You can get stuff called UNpetroleum jelly which is excellent and has no nasty petroleum derivates in it. I can't remember if it was cheap as chips but I never fancied putting petrol by-products on my skin or my daughters'.

me too.....enormous great plastic as chips...(cheaper actually!)

It is a special sort of Vaseline. It locks in moisture. I buy large amounts when I am in UK.

I have wondered if I get freebies because I am seen as a deserving case what with having hordes of children (future customers!!!). When bakers see my bus ouside & I go & buy my 3 or 4 baguettes they almost always throw in a bag of this morning's viennoiseries for goûter... maybe Aquitaine is just full of nice shopkeepers. Similar behaviour from my crèmerie/charcutier/butcher etc (my butcher knows I love pot au feu en salade and always gives me a tub of it). Even supermarkets when they do the animations. V nice.

Carol - there's the problem - without Carte Vitale or Mutuel it can become extremely expensive indeed, especially if specialists and hospitalisation is concerned! BUPA or other would be your only alternative for cover! As regards out of date or unused medicaments in France, you can take them back to the pharmacy (any one) where they are picked up by Medisafe or similar company for repackaging and/or re-cycling, so in fact here there is no 'terrible waste' - I don't know how the UK operates but would assume there must be a similar system? Check it out?

Thought it might be that and its not such a bad thing....when my dad died in the UK he had literally carrier bags of unused drugs which had to be disposed of... a terrible waste.

In the UK Nick doesnt pay anything because he has a chronic condition...but here he had to pay for everything as he was under 65 and had never worked in France.

I have 100% payment, so do not even pay the doc for an appointment. The pharmacist explained that the 'month' a time is to keep a bit of a control on dosage. Years ago a three month prescription could be collected in one go.

John - I'm only saying where they sell it, not as to its properties - however, I've never had a problem with my classic car collection?

dont understand Shiela? I live in UK and have never been treated in France....Nick lives in France and until recently was paying for all his treatments in France as he was under 65. I buy tabs as above to take out for Nick mainly!

Obviously it varies from country to country. For my BP meds in Dublin, I was only allowed to get one month's worth at a time, and it is the same here.

One thing confuses me Carol - you don't pay anything here, so what cost?

Drugs in the US have always been way more expensive than Europe anyway. If you look at the cost of production, most drugs cost pennies. What you are paying for is the the millions it cost to come up with the drug and then the vast profits enjoyed by the drug companies....

In the UK I load up with generic tabs....paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin, ranatadine (sounds like we are pill poppers!) but they last a year and each pack of paracetamol 100 tabs costs me under a £1 from superdrug.