Is it Legal that Bank asks me (AE) for Chiffre D'affaire and my Tax Declaration?

I have been on stress with my bank for some time now.

They recently called me asking for an appointment worried because I run my activity independent location wise.

Now i'm in 'town' and after our recent call they enquired that I bring my Chiffre D'Affaire and Tax Declaration in a meeting, explaining how I run my activities.

I told them this is not allowed neither necessary by that the counseillor said yes its within their rights to do so.

Before I jump into conclusions (and obviously likely close this stupid bank account) I want to hear you on this note.

Are they allowed to do so ?


ps. french banks are the biggest pain in the a## I have ever lived so far. I'm sure i'm not alone in here thinking so.

meantime i'm preparing my cancellation of bank account with this xdiots!!

Banks have certain 'obligations' imposed on them by Government and you have to play by their rules.

If you have nothing to hide, don't hide. Comply and make a banker happy today otherwise, keep your stash in a biscuit tin under the bed.

You will face the same issues where-ever you bank.

A word of caution though - if you do decide to take them on make sure you are squeaky clean and expect a tug from the authorities...

When I opened the account nothing was asked.

Now what has changed is they moved me another counseillor which on top of being completely unprofessional is demanding me to appoint with this full declarations.

Has any other AE in here ever dealt with a similar situation?

If the RSI wants to know my activity I'm very pleased but for a bank wasting my time... i'm not so fond of.

That's why they frequently change counsellors...

because they are unprofessional ?

i have seen the incredible with this counseillor, she chatted with my gf about details of my bank account activity which is completely illegal due that my wife is not even appointed to have access in my bank account.

maybe she is confused as to which is your gf and which is your wife I certainly am...

Just as long as you know which is which...

she is my gf and not my wife. and the bank counsellor has no right to talk about your business details to your wife unless you have approved her full control of your account.

she even mentioned she is not allowed to talk to my gf, and then went on speaking about details.

Now, I am confused...

Sorry, I don't think I can help anymore.

By what are you confused Graham?

I see not many people where able to answer in here

I certainly never had to and i have been an AE since 2010. Recently, the law changed and they ask you to have another personal (not professional) bank account that you are to use for your professional transactions. I hear of may people on Facebook who have been told by a bank that they had to open a new professional a/c: NOT true, but yes for the banks it is better ;-) ie they charge more.

I therefore have two personal bank accounts in two different banks. When i changed agency, after moving, my bank (for pro use) asked info:

- where do i have my other personal A/C. I told them.

- Do i have a bit of money saved there.

- Yes "a bit".

- How much.

- I will keep this to myself. Reply:

- Oh this is just to work out your "potentials".

- when i need professional advice on the subject of my potentials, i will certainly let you know. :-)

Said with a nice smile, looking at her straight in the eyes. Don't let them get away with anything. At worst, say you'll think seriously about it and will phone them next week.

Ivan i've just re-read your message. About this:

"I run my activity independent location wise."

You mean your activity is registered in the UK?

There's quite a lot of talk here in France about this. The objectives are that it will no longer be possible to have a professional activity that you run in France, where you live, and have it registered elsewhere. There is going to be not only a European agreement on this, but also with other countries in the world. If your company is also registered in the UK, then profits earnt in the UK will be taxed there, profits earnt in France will be taxed in France. Very broadly (i'm no expert) this is what i heard.

Hi Corinne,

I am registered AE and run my business online , my business is in FRANCE, the bank does not understand this (they seem to think you need to live in the same place like in the 80's).

As far the other talks, they are still talks, and within every talk there is a loophole. I do work with LTD from UK and Holland and would never ever register my LTD here in France.

How will they be able to calculate profits from money made in France? GOod luck ! :)

I mean they should just ease the way business is done and encourage more people to set foot in here...

Thank you nevertheless

OMG , yes the thought I have other bank accounts too, and enquired with my wife / gf at my discretion ....

Seriously i never hated banks as much as when I popped in France.

I never had that as an auto entrepreneur (4 years) but now I run a business (SNC) they have a copy of each year's accounts - that's normal once you're in the mainstream scheme.

Sorry Ivan, I misunderstood your sentence "I run my activity independent location wise" to mean you may be registered in the UK. You are indeed unlucky your bank doesn't seem to understand your line of work. i never heard that before from anyone, and i do know people in that line of work, as i was. Wise decision to change banks indeed!!!

Best, Corinne

Get a Number 24 bank account - German and highly efficient. I also have a HELLO account which is not quite as good but convenient as it is French. The advantage of Hello is that it is entirely online so I don't ever have to deal with any so-called banking professionals, who are, in France, IMHO, entirely useless, incompetant and ill-informed.

I personally would tell them to get lost and take your business elsewhere.

number 26...?!

Yes, perfect for AEs but not commerçants ;-)

Update: Letter arrived today and they asked me to show them the entire compatbility / accounting.

Seriously they treat me as a SARL and the reason I have AE is to avoid this hassle.

I'm going to close account and as suggested Catharine => move to German Bank 26 Bank.

As you say: completely un-professional, ill-informed and highly incompetent.