Is it only me?

I am having problems with Survive France. When I access the site the page appears but there is a long, long delay before I can scroll, select, type etc. It is only happening on Survive France so I’m sure that the problem is not with my tablet.
To type this title I had to wait over a minute between typing the four words and them appearing on the page. The same happened when I typed the first sentence in the text box. Now, probably three minutes later, everything works as expected. It’s been like this for a couple of days.
I also had to edit a typo and although the edit box did eventually appear I had to wait over a minute before I could type.

It must be you, or how the site relates to your type of device, or your browser. This forum is actually the quickest to navigate out of all the various ones I use.

P.S. My browser is Firefox.

That’s the problem. It normally is and, in fact, I can also access another forum quickly where many of its users complain about the speed. It’s strange as everything else works fine, my problem is with SF alone. At the moment it is working perfectly but…

A bit more detail could help diagnose this;

Which browser and version are you using?

Does it happen if you use a different browser?

I’m using an iPad Air and, usually Safari. I’ve just downloaded Chrome so I will see if that’s any better. It’s working fine at the moment so fingers crossed!

Exactly the same setup here David, but no problems.

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Thanks David, please let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

It is all working really well at the moment James. Comme habitude. It must have been local to me.

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Put another shilling in the meter David…:wink:

(I hate how things work, the moment I ask someone to investigate… infuriating.) :scream:


It’s magic, or maybe witchcraft when it goes wrong :smiling_imp: