Is it possible to make a complaint against a hospital here in France

The family of a friend who has just been transported back to the UK by ambulance because of his health needs to make a complaint against the hospital/health service here.

The hospital supplied insufficient information on the drugs that the patient needed and there is also reason to believe that he was being given excessive medication whilst here.

The care since he was transferred to a certain hospital deteriorated his health condition and when he arrived in the UK he had to be transferred to a hospital immediately because they had only supplied a two line report on his health and medication. They only mentioned one type of medication and seemed to conveniently have forgotten his other two drips and the fact that his blood pressure is prone to dropping seriously low. There are many other issues but without going in to a huge dialogue on this, who should they contact.

Be grateful if anyone could give me some information to help them out as they are furious.

Many thanks.

Hi Jayne

Try asking Brian Milne directly in case he hasn't seen this - sure he can help!