Is it worth becoming an AE?

Experienced AEs, taking this new announcement into consideration would you advise others to become an AE? I am a qualified teacher trying to get some teaching hours and want to know if it is worth my while becoming an AE so I can try and work with companies directly. Any advice you have would be much appreciated!

I have taken this from another section of SFN but figure it could throw a bit of light on how the autoentrepreneur scheme works for those needing to raise revenue and also so consumers can see that autoentrepreneurs give just as good vale and have to adhere to many of the same legal requirements as the more established type of professionals.

Andre, I am prof liberale but not sure what you meant by a Sat.No - do you mean a SIRET number? If so, the answer is yes.

Also a long term resident, I totally agree with you Simon, there is nothing simpler!

When applied to teaching, could somebody explain the difference between the two terms Auto Entrepreneur and Indépendant, please?

Yes you can, my OH is registered for two activities that are very different.

Thank you Sheila,

Hi Joan. I don't think you can register two different types of business, but others may know more. I registered as a teacher, although we also do a bit of B&B on the side during high season. To play it safe, I declared all income on my last return, whether it came from teaching or B&B.

I have been in France for 30 years and assure you that there does not exist a simpler way of having a professional status.

Go for it.

Thanks for that Tracy. I did download the form but did not have my tax number for some time after that so never sent it off. Pity. Too late now. Oh well, maybe someone else will learn from my mistake. Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

Hi Sheila, ACCRE is the reduced social charges you should be paying for AE for the first three years. More info is available here but the relevant bit for you is pasted below.

Je suis demandeur d'emploi, comment bénéficier des taux spécifiques Accre?

Pour bénéficier des taux réduits de cotisations, les chômeurs créateurs ou repreneurs d'entreprise qui déclarent une activité auto-entrepreneur sur, doivent cocher la case prévue à cet effet et télécharger le formulaire. Une fois complété, retournez-le au plus tard dans les 45 jours qui suivent votre déclaration de création de début d'activité à votre Centre de Formalités des Entreprises, accompagné des notifications demandées et d'une copie de votre déclaration d'activité auto-entrepreneur.

Pour en savoir plus sur votre Centre de Formalités des Entreprises :
The gist of it is that as well as ticking the box you should have downloaded a form specifically to apply for ACCRE no later than 45 days after you signed up. As a demandeur d'emploi you would have been eligible as was my husband, he signed on purely to acquire this, as like you he wasn't entitled to any money. For any other readers of this, I gained my exemption as I was working part time and already entitled to ACTIPAJE, so when this expired I was classed as returning to work after maternity leave.
You should have receive a certificate showing your entitlement if your demand was accepted. I use net entreprises to do my declaration and if shows up on the declaration. Mind you, they still work it out wrong, then fine you for the underpayment - aghhh!

Tracy, if you get a minute, could you elaborate on ACCRE please? I "signed on" with Pole Emploi since September 2011 - presume this was for some sort of credits as I was not receiving any payments - and signed up for AE in June of this year. I did tick the box when signing up online to include ACCRE but how do I know I am getting this entitlement or not? Any explanation or clarification would be gratefully received, and apologies if you have answered this before. Thanks.

I changed my business model once at the beginning, from Marketing Consultant to Tour Guide and simply changed my APE, no problems as they were both Prof Liberale.

I have recently changed from Tour Guide to to Transport de Voyagers (still doing same job but will pay less TVA), still kept the same AE going but am waiting for any problems to come and bite me as this involves a change from PL to Artisanat des Services!

Incidentally, during my many meetings at the C de Metiers, the advisor pointed out that it is better to keep the same AE going as more recent legislation that has come in only applies to newly registered AE -s, such as the obligation to prove qualifications. I would also have lost my entitlement to ACCRE so I guess it entirely depends on your personal circumstances. Just like everything else in France there is no easy answer - that was not a whinge everyone, I am very happy here thank you!!!!

James, just wondering - if your initial business model does not take off, do you de-register, then register again with your new business idea, and does the clock start ticking again from the beginning?

Tracy, you say that you have exceeded the limits - be careful not to exceed the threshold for VAT also. It is my understanding that you have to charge VAT from the first day of the first month in which you exceed the limit so you need to be very careful, as it could mean having to re-invoice your customers with a bill +TVA. It can be quite a juggling act at the end of the year!

Hi Maria,

No offence taken, there is a string somewhere, I forget where, which says that potentially a fixed sum (minimum amount of tax) is going to be introduced during next year for AE's and that if you are still operating as an AE after 31st Dec 2012 and it is introduced then you will be liable to pay it. So from what you are saying it sounds as if this is not true?

Also my wife has received a demand to pay a CFE (Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises or the property tax I referred to earlier) by the middle of December. I checked this payment with my accountant and she told me that it did have to be paid, even though she will not have been an AE for four years until Feb 2013. I can see how she would have received that demand next year, being in her 5th year but not this year as she is still in her 4th year.

So I am a little confused to say the least. Unless of course my accountant was wrong or her response was before the change :-)

Sorry I wasn't very clear on my first comment and certainly would not like to add to what is probably just a rumour.

Taken in good faith Maria. We might as well add that France is so full of rumours at present that temporarily not listening/reading might just help. Everytime a post goes up to discuss 'I have just heard that X', fortunately does not mean these things are going to happen. Some things have never actually been included in any government statement but jittery people just 'imagine' them in and predict the unpredictable...

Wait, and what is this you are saying about €1500 as if it was set in stone? The AE scheme should be as had, earn nothing then pay nothing, with a limit on how long that may go on of course, but anyway, her time now runs up in February 2014 with the CFE cancellation.

My wife has been an AE since February 2009 and to be honest she was seriously considering de-registering next month because of the potential introduction of a minimum payment of around 1500 euros, added to which is a property tax for working from home.

She uses the AE to enable her to gain a little bit of income and just pay tax on what she earns providing a soft furnishings and sewing repairs service. Her intention was never to build up a big business as there is so much to do simply staying on top of maintaining our house and gardens and supporting my gite business. So the fixed sum would mean she would be paying out most of her income in tax and consequently it would not be worth it.

It would be interesting to know if she can go another year without paying the lump sum as her 4 years is up in Feb 2013, not sure how that works timewise exactly. Or is it better to wait and see what the announcement says in December?

Hi All

Currently living in Scotland and I'm about to move to France in February. I will have a small income from two different sources, jewellery making (internet based) and summer gite management, turnover will be well under the AE limit.

What are the main benefits of being in the AE scheme and can two differnent types of business be under the one header.

I was just going to declare everything on a tax return, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Andrew, good to hear from you and take it all is going well.