Is new lockdown looming?

Not long to go now @toryroo , Only a week. My two week second jab anniversary is tomorrow, so I’m going to the coast tomorrow to throw myself into the sea. Hopefully I’ll float :grin:

Apparently they have changed it and it is now only 7 days so I’m back off to the pool tomorrow!

No big deal, very doable.


Where did you hear that ? I’d be surprised if they did that now, as cases are rising steeply.

At my local village pool from the girls who work there as they had just been briefed on it all. I’m off tomorrow so will see if it works (although they are not yet scanning!!)

It’s still 2 so far as I know and I even saw 2-3 today but EDIT Sorry correction : thought you were talking about required time after 2nd vacc for antibodies … hadn’t spotted it was the pass conditions you meant.

I had mine day before yours and I’m hiding next week to make up the 2.
Not happy about the CdS appointment on Monday… really being careful as so far my antibodies are probably only about 55% by then

Grrr… curse them for inviting me to interview only 13 days after I’d submitted!
Did I say they invited me to interview only 13 days after I’d submitted ? :slight_smile: :smile:

Yes, actually very clear and fairly well thought out. If you don’t have a test result when you enter the country, you can provide one uploaded to the registration site within 48 hours, and many hotels are also indicating where you can get your nearest tests from - now that’s service and pragmatism for you :+1:

The health minister says it’s now one week for the pass sanitaire -

Nobody asked me anything at the border but you just bung your personal qr codes into the app whenever you are anywhere (or fill in a bit of paper like last year) super easy. And there are test tents all over the place just like in French cities.


Apparently it is 7 days now, except if traveling within the EU outside France.

Given that my wife’s GP “forgot” to enter her 2nd dose vaccination in the system (at the time of injection, the system was down), her EU Covid pass which she has been able to download nonetheless from the corresponding website, is invalid…said GP is now on holiday, and her locum can not do the paperwork. Not impressed.

Being a doctor is no guarantee of being a good doctor. Same applies to any job role.


If your wife has a paper certificate for the 2nd jab I believe you can go to any ‘vaccine centre’ and get a QR code which you’ll then be able to scan into the system.

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Not really. I think they are coming on the 7th, but my daughter is always difficult to get hold of.
She is not working from home now, as she has her own office and feels quite safe at work.

They have that. I made sure.

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They will live in our gite and we are all vaccinated.
The boys love being in the pool.

Therein lies the problem, the GP couldn’t print out the paper certificate for the 2nd jab because the system was down, and she hadn’t done anything about printing it out before going on holiday, so no possibility to go to vaccination centre.

For those of you who may want to check the validity of your certificate, and you have an android device, there is an app called “TAC verif” that you can download from the Play Store. Simply scan the QR code, and it will give you name, DOB and whether the cert is valid. Not sure if there is an iThing ™ app available but I expect so.

Me too. Lot has been green for ages. If you choose Lot on Dashboard Départements - CovidTracker, you can see that on 22 July the average incidence over 7 days had risen to 84 (in 100,000). It was way less than 20 at one point very recently. There are high numbers in the 20-29 age group (286 in 7 days) and 30-39s too. On 22nd 3 people were hospitalised but there was no-one in reanimation and no deaths. If I’m reading the charts correctly, (not certain because you have to check on whether it’s a 7 day average or a rolling total, there have been only 20 cases a day in a week , 15 of which were the Delta variant.

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My husband had his vaccinations earlier in the year and did not receive the certificate with the QR (?) code. He recently received a message with link to access this certificate.
Have you checked your Amelie account?