Is the noose tightening on America’s bestest ever president?

On the other hand…

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And then there’s this. As most of you probably know, retires generals in the US who go public with letters to the NYTimes or, in this case, op-ed pieces in the Washington Post are nearly always speaking on behalf of colleagues still on active-duty:

Interesting programme (interesting series in fact) on how dissent is being sowed in the US. I would seem that the Russians are the most enthusiastic supporters of Black Lives Matter… and the gun lobby :thinking:

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Do they explore the context of USA’s long, long history of destabilising other countries and overthrowing elected governments? Almost every country in the Americas, anywhere near Russia or China, any that produces oil - the list goes on - has at some point been the USA’s victim!


They only discuss it from technical point of view, how it’s done. It’s not presented as the US being a “victim”.

More pressure for the Orange one.

A little like Helen and her anti-vaccine comments in a Covid thread, perhaps there’s a thread for you to start regarding America’s injustice towards regimes it tried to sabotage, Geof?

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That is a rather strange and I would add dangerous comparison. Still Vlad will be smiling.

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I think there’s a lot of wishful thinking in the op-ed colums of the Grauniad, and to a lesser extent in the far superior NYT.

The Orange One (although even that’s faded - his skin colour, if nothing else, now seems fairly normal) will fight and fight and appeal and appeal, until by the time the final appeal has failed, his lawyers will appeal that due to Alzheimers or some other ‘health condition’ (real or otherwise) he’s unable to take the stand.


Maybe we should have a thread each :slightly_smiling_face: The definitive echo chamber.

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I’m learning who has a ‘bee’ and for what. It seemed interesting to talk about legal progress over the orange one without getting drawn off into the history of the nation he ruled briefly and capitalist evils.

It was just an enquiry about whether the programme set the issue it examines in relevant historical context - hit a nerve, obviously - which probably says rather more about Ancient’s ‘bees’!

But perhaps @Ancient_Mariner could say a bit more about the similarity between asking this and anti-vaxers? - the link escapes me.

For my part, I have no problem with @Helen6 's contributions. I don’t read many of them relating to vaccination, because it’s not something that interests me greatly, but, to coin a phrase, I would defend her right to put forward her views - and would not talk about her behind her back. Bit old-fashioned that way, I guess.


It’s not a similarity of views, but rather one of actions, i.e. taking the topic in a different direction. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the actions of the United States in manipulation of other sovereign nations, but not in this thread.

It’s only a 14 minute programme Geof but…

it quite concisely explains how people are duped into promulgating a malevolent agenda.

I think you’re new to this forum Ancient - ‘thread drift’ is a completely normal phenomenon (it’s possible to flag threads if the originator wants to keep them on topic). But it’s a hellofa stretch to go from one simple question - that is actually relevant to the topic - to accusing somebody of hijacking the thread! Some perspective required, I think.

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Yes he’ll do an Ernest Saunders (who should have been put in a lab and analysed seeing he is the first ever and indeed only person to recover from Alzheimers).


I haven’t had chance to listen to it yet John - I only asked!

I’m not giving out Geof :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve not accused you of anything Geof. Your topic was worthy of consideration - I was trying to encourage things to remain on the sweet spot. I am familiar with forums in general and how threads drift away, often enjoyably, but sometimes to their detriment. And TBH America’s historical international actions doesn’t have much to do with the man who wanted to pull up the drawbridge and leave the world stage.

Feel free to take the thread where you wish - I have no ownership or control.

Perhaps Alzheimers has a legal definition, as well as a medical one? :wink: