Is the punishment too soft?

I’m normally a gentle soul… but I am beginning to wonder if we could not/should not find some other way of punishing certain wrong-doers…

We work hard… and end up paying for this sort of person to live in conditions which will certainly be more comfortable than some and definitely much better than the homeless …

Yes, I know Loss of Freedom is considered the main punishment (by many)… but I’m just wondering if different grades of Imprisonment might be an answer. Do we still have “hard-labour” ???

help me out… if you’ve got an opinion… let’s hear it.

Capital punishment for certain offences, not as a deterrent but simply because the likes of Bennell can never be cured or rehabiitated so are of no use to the human race.

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I’m a gentle soul too Stella until it comes to children…whether my children…their children or any child globally…this scumbag and many more like him are just the tip of a toxic child abusing iceberg…They infest the upper echelons of banking and politics and the judiciary system and law enforcement and the churches the world over…If it’s proven beyond no doubt that someone has harmed a child in this way then not even chemical castration is enough…if it’s proven beyond no doubt that someone has harmed a child in this way then a bullet in the temple seems a cost effective alternative…like I say I’m a gentle soul too…x :slight_smile:

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With respect…all my replies so far are recent…apart from your reply to me what’s your opinion on the topic of child abuse…???

And your evidence for this infestation in banking, politics, the judiciary and law enforcement is? Why just the upper echelons? Really I thought this sort of debate was confined to more rabidly conservative “expat” sites. Killing people whether illegally or judicially is wrong.

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Let’s be clear here… I am not advocating capital punishment…

I am just asking for your thoughts on… perhaps different levels of imprisonment… for serious cases… ???

Please can we keep this thread on topic, … no politics or histrionics… please :relaxed:

Stella, it seems that although you are asking for our opinions you do not have an answer either.
If you think that prison for child offenders is easy, then you are wrong.
Someone will be running a book on how long he lasts.

Hi Jane… I only know about prison, from what is made available through TV and Press. Although I do know two ex-prison warders (friends of friends) … they have made a point of never discussing their work… well, not in my hearing anyway.

I am just wondering if there are different levels … yes, I’ve heard of Solitary… but not a lot else.

If one can believe all one hears (yes, I doubt we can, but…)… prisoners seem to have all the “rights” to this and that… even when they have done all the “wrongs” :zipper_mouth_face:

Words fail me.


I was responding to Helen.

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I have no problem with prison being used to rehabilitate offenders however the likes of Bennell have a disease/illness that cannot be cured so they can never be a benefit to society only a massive financial burden.

Obviously capital punishment divides opinion but IMO Bennell and the lecturer who was also jailed yesterday do not deserve to live the rest of their lives in relative comfort whilst their victims continue to suffer.


Maybe put in the “normal” prison population, not segregated.

I’m definitely thinking “hard labour” should come into it somewhere along the line…

That could almost be seen as capital punishment, Bennell is in his sixties so hard labour might see him off.

Hmmm… no harm in Hard Work though, surely…my OH is much older with a dicky ticker… but he chops wood, digs, mows etc etc… hates to admit there is something he really cannot manage… :sunglasses:

What would hard Labour/work be like in the 21st century I wonder? Health and Safety and all that entails…

It was abolished in England and Wales by the Criminal justice Act 1948 and in N. Ireland by the Criminal Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 1953. I suppose that in these Brexit times one must expect a certain regression of attitude.

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Do I take it you think we should just build more prisons?

No I don’t Tim. What the UK needs is a proper programme of diversion from custody. Local prisons are overcrowded largely by the British judiciary’s addiction to custodial sentences for trivial offences such as non-payment of fines.