Is the punishment too soft?

Here’s just one example of how law enforcement gets compromised by paedophiles in positions of power…and also culpable in my eyes are those who try to silence citizen journalists and other people trying to expose the corruption…

I don’t know where you’ve got your information from David but very few people get sent to prison for trivial offences now.

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I think the idea that people who are incurably ill or diseased, and thus a financial burden on society, should be disposed of is entirely repugnant.

Anyone who has spent time in a British prison, either as an offender or as a prison worker, would refute the notion that prison life offers ‘relative comfort’. Prison life is a life of utter deprivation, ignominy, lack of personal agency and opportunity, squalor, monotony and humiliation. It might justifiably be called a living death.

I think prison is justified as a means of total social exclusion and there may well be cases where that should be permanent and irreversible. But if it is to have any rehabilitative purpose, it should not degrade humanity or be additionally punitive. Almost all prison officers (who have custody of prisoners and are responsible for their welfare) would agree 100%. If punishment is called for in cases of indiscipline or disruptive behaviour, it should be proportionate, relevant, and in line with the rehabilitative ethos. Sadism or vengeance is always counterproductive.


Everyone has their own opinion Peter, I just think the likes of Barry Bennell are so evil that they do not deserve any compassion.

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In some ways Tim, death is a quick and easy option.

Been in jail is the right place for someone like him. Otherwise we would morally be as bad as him (as a society), if we take away his life.


I agree with you, Tim. They may not deserve compassion, but that’s doesn’t mean that prison staff should withhold it, even if they could. Anyone that worked in prison and had no compassion (I don’t mean molly-coddling or false sympathy) would be as much a prisoner as the inmates, and would find the work intolerable, I think, based on my own experience of prison work.