Is the US is becoming the cyber equivalent of Lebanon. The proxy battleground between warring faction

Looks like Russian hackers are going to slog it out with Chinese ones to influence the presidential election. I guess the only people that don’t matter anymore are the electorate. Iran’s going to have go at disruption too. What a mess.

I wouldn’t place any credence from any US Government source at this time - least of all so-called US Intelligence.
Trump is in full Election mode and lining up all the ‘enemies of the USA’ with him being the only rampart against them.
Anyway all countries work towards getting allies rather than enemies - with the exception of Trump it seems. Trump interfered in the British Elections quite openly, and the US has done this over generations in the Far East and Middle East, so are hardly innocent bystanders.

While I agree US “Intellegence” is an unreliable source Norman, I have no doubt Russian and Chinese government hackers are “having a go”. What I thought interesting was that they each wanted different outcomes. So is this the battle of the hackers more than the battle of Democrat vs Republican? May the best hackers win :slightly_smiling_face: