Is the 'Whats for Dinner 'Stuck' Stella?

Ditto! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Last night…

pots of artichoke hearts, olives in garlic and olive oil and chiili, salsa of tomatos and avocados?
houmous and cumber with crème fresh, mint etc.
black and brown breads crusty and light.
Pumpkin soup
Fish cake made with coriander leaf…garnish of crispy courgette Flower and wakeme.

Main dish fillet of beef, sauce Bordolaise, green beans, new potatos sauted with red oniouns, oyster
mushooms in cream…ratatouille tio accompany a vegetarian plate/


Melon sorbet
Vanilla ice cream
Lemon tart
Eaton mess with passion fruit and strawberries;


:open_mouth: :yum: :+1: drool!

Can I make a booking, please… sounds wonderful… :relaxed:

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Bill … what is the meaning of this Thread… do you wish to ask me a question…(in which case, please do so) … or are you just throwing crumbs out of the window… :relaxed:

Really tired though!

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Not surprised, I would be, happily soporific, if I’d munched my way thro’ that wonderful offering Barbara :yum:

Check back Stella, seemed to me it had died :thinking:

:thinking::relaxed::relaxed: Threads come and go… it all depends what folk are up to and whether or not they want to post.


maybe people do not cook.