Is there a 'Financial Ombudsman' in France


Can anyway tell me if there is such as thing as what in the UK is called a' Financial Ombudsman'?

I have a dispute with a bank (not surprising so far, you might think) and I am very unhappy about the way they have handled the matter so I want to report them to an independent body that oversees these sort of things.

Is there such a thing on France, how do I contact them and does anyone have any experience of dealing with them?

Even if the liklihood of a them siding with me rather than the bank is slim, I still want to persue this if only to show the bank that I won't be pushed around without at least some response

Thanks for any advice you can offer


Another contributioin to the Jan/Feb blues...banks.

They do not seem to perform in an honourable manner.

I had a distictly doggy manager who was discharged from her services

she missold very elegantly making the most of her perfect English and

forgetting to mention all the imortant matters and fees....and creating some

detail of her own.

There is a financial ombudsman in France.
But the UK one has taken this one on as it is a bank which is

Global and based in UK.
I also have another problem with another bank which has created

ways of extracting lots of money from my buisness...

oh everyone is pecking away at our small earnings. I wonder if

there will be anything left to live on.

All banks have to have a "mediateur". See this