Is there a good one amongst them

Who would want to be a member of the Cons, we dont get a week without some low life getting in the news for feathering their own nest.

Just remember to vote for him in every trial!!!
The Mirror: Matt Hancock suspended from Tory whip for going on I’m a Celebrity 2022.

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Ken Clarke? Heseltine? No. That’s it…


How much do you get paid by I’m a celebrity?

I don’t know this Celebrity thing as do not have UK TV. Will have to ask google I think.

Is this the same show that Nadine Dorries appeared in a few years back (much to the disgust of her constituents), and ate an ostrich’s anus?

Was it still attached to an ostrich at the time?

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Rumour is that he will get in the region of £350k

I was surprised the Covid Families Group (can’t remember their exact title) are asking ITV to withdraw the invitation.

I’d have thought it more appropriate to campaign for his deselection: from what I understand of the programme, Hancock would be far better suited to appear in it than to represent a parliamentary constituency.

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Hancocks half hour?
I’ll get my coat…

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His constituency office is funded by John Gosden!

Rory Stewart, Dominic Grieve, but alas all shown the door.


Yes, that’s about it, even my favourite, Ken Clarke, took the Queen’s shilling as he couldn’t be bothered to seek votes any more so he could have his say in Parliament. Haseltine stabbed Maggie in the back, it wasn’t that that upset me about him particularly, but the fact that, as now, they were able to remove a sitting PM without an election.

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