Is there fear in the air?

What do you there fear in the air?

Has the property market in France slowed down even further due to a lack

of British buyers?

Are your gites and bed and breakfast properties currently receiving bookings. I watch the

market as I am involved and I notice hesitation.

If Britain leaves the Eu will this affect tourism in any way?

What changes will take place at Calais .....where currently the French and British

customs/police have an alliance?

I merely note hesitation.

But when people look at everything more closely any signs of fear will go.

Many people from all over lived here before the EU. There are people from outside the EU now. It is all being rather hyped up. It is simply things like pension freezes by IDS that worry people here.


I have not yet purchased in France - despite planning it for so many years :) But this referendum is making me think, and wait.

If the UK DOES exit - I doubt it would affect tourism much - but may hinder those who wish to move to Europe.

I wish I had a crystal ball :)

I don't think this can be called fear. People are facing incertainities and they wonder how to adjust. So they might hold their decisions of buying/travelling for the time being.

Main risks at the moment are terrorism and Brexit. Terrorism means that France could become an unsafe or not so cool place to live/travel. These fears will rapidly disappear as Europe in general and France in particular remain comparatively safer than other touristic destinations around the Mediterranean.

Calais is an issue but 6000 migrants/refugees won't change the face of a country with 65 Mn inhabitants. The media will probably switch subjects soon. I am not saying that the people locally are not worried but part of the issues lays in French gvt's demonstratively tough stance towards migrants and in its interest in keeping the crisis hot to be in a position to require more control at the EU borders.

Brexit will be decided in June, just 4 months ahead. Event if UK is opting out, it will take two years to implement and the go vote could be used by UK to bargain further concessions from the EU and call for another referendum.... You won't need a visa to visit France tomorrow. And frankly, will it prevent UK residents to come to France ? Where else ?

That is great news Nick.

We have noticed a lot of construction around Bordeaux.....and round and about Libourne.

I am doing well enough with my reservations.

Maybe it depends upon the holiday market level.

I have a brand new opportunity unfolding this spring.....

So everything is growing.

The pound has managed to tank thanks to the machinations of Lardface and his chums so French Property has become more expensive for the Anglos and so have holidays.

Business is booming in the construction sector too. Never seen so many new investors.

As if history would repeat itself.....
Only with banks and those in power.

They make promises which they can not keep.

I said old benefits of cheapos. The word old is most important there, memories of duty free days are what so many people seem to be recalling as if that would happen all over again. Let them hope on!

What cheap wine and sausages!

Glad to hear that properties are selling well....

No, property sales appear to have risen from what I hear at home. However, whilst there are still people coming from the UK, some of whom riding on the present exchange rate and speculating on better by completion of buying, there are far more French people buying than before in this area. Also, other European countries really are on the move, plus of course the Chinese and Russians buying up for investment and to get rid of taxable money in foreign, more or less untouchable, property.

How could tourism be affected really? Perhaps if the £ takes a big hit it might become more expensive and all the old benefits of cheap wine and sausages be lost. Inevitably the Chunnel will change in that the UK customs and immigration will be pushed back over to the other side although the government tries to convince everybody that will not happen.

Customs and police have collaborations that have nothing to do with the EU that will continue unless the loonies in the UK bring their country out of the WCO and Interpol. You never know after listening to some of them though!