Is this a Crayfish?

Found this not so little fellow in our garden at the side of one of the ponds, it was burrowing into a fresh molehill, looks like a Crayfish to me.

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Looks like a crayfish bum to me

There is a possible hint of red on what I can see of front claws so perhaps need to check out which one it is. Here’s a guide. If it’s one of the invading species then it is not a cute little critter, but a marauding killer that you should squash forthwith.

I already had a look as I had found the article on The Local, he definitely isn’t anywhere red enough mostly green /brown.

Yep - very tasty!

We had some properties (stations / farms) way out on the edge of the outback that we’d only visit in the holidays, one of my favorite memories is setting yabby traps (Aussie crayfish) using a kangaroo leg and coming back to fund bucketfuls of them for dinner!

Used to find them in the streams, lovely on the bbq

Definitely crayfish. My friends and I occasionally catch them on the end of our fly lines at the trout lake we go to. Not sure whether this is a native blue, or an invasive Californinan.

To be honest, I don’t like the look of him Colin.

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Thanks for that John, I’ve never seen that film. :astonished: :frowning_face:

2nd one is even betterđŸ˜±

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So true, it is one of my favourite films.