Is this a medical record?

Just come back from the doctors with SEVEN different prescriptions and two medical certificates! Is this a record? I am certainly feeling that we got value for money!

Just seen your post Catherine. You probably won’t believe me, but too many meds, not taken correctly or all together at same time, are more likely to kill you than cure you, depending on why you went or go to the Doctor. How many meds say take with a meal, be-it morning, noon or night?

Believe me I speak from experience, and a lot of research! I stopped taking all meds except my Levothyroxine for Hashimotos Thyroid, in September 2015. Unless you are diagnosed with a life threatening condition as Thyroid problems would be if you didn’t take the Medication, then yes you would die.
headaches, tummy aches, Diabetes Type 2, bone pain of any descriptions can often be and usually are sorted out with correct diet including all correct Vitmins/minerals, good quality Supplements from a Pharmacy and or some Physio and exercise.

I recommend to check out meds with for much more information than the Pharmaceutical leaflet often has and it’s also possible to check for contra-indications between different meds taken at same time. Often they may contain a same ingredient, which means you end up ‘overdosing’ on just one aspect contained in 2 or more different meds, without even knowing it and then wondering why one of the symptoms you went to the see the Dr for has got worse not better! I have not had one headache, tummy ache, have severe bone disfigurement again in feet and now hands, but no pain, so I don’t need to take the meds. Also my Portal Hypertension leaving me with non-alcohol cirrhosis Has disappeared. My liver is no longer toxic from the different meds that ended up being passed from it via the bloodstream to my brain.

I think more clearly, even if the typing goes haywire, there is no fogginess, my sight and hearing have improved a little - I’ve even learnt and remembered a lot more French than I used to know before my brain haemorrhage. Some may have read my letter in September Edition of The Connexion.

I Guess getting the other half of my brain to work more efficiently with all my research about why my health suddenly went pearshaped 3.5 years ago, has helped me. I once posted somewhere else about finding the links and making the chain and doing that worked for me.

I wonder how many elderly and young people would be better with less mental health and memory problems if they didn’t take as many meds the wrong way at the wrong times?
Anyway I hope you now feel and are better one way or another, but check out your meds on that website!

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